Wake Up To Your Official Responsibilities Or Be Sacked - Gov Nwifuru Warns Appointees

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

Ebonyi state Governor, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru has called on his appointees to wake up to their respective responsibilities or be shown the way out of his Government.

Governor Nwifuru sent out the warning recently while speaking in an event in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital.

"I am delighted to speak to you, even though it is quite unusual on a Sunday morning. But this is because a lot of things happened in the previous week and consequently, Government made a proclamation. I sincerely apologize because proper consultation was not made, but we had to act, given the nature of what happened. The instruction or directive of Government is for the benefit of all. 

"You may recall that earlier in January this year, at Ebya bridge, a security checkpoint was attacked and we lost four police officers. The day before yesterday, on 8th day of March 2024, another unfortunate incident happened in the same area and four police officers were killed with two women, around 5am. 

"When I interacted with some of the law enforcement agencies, they categorically informed me, that those people came with tinted glass vehicles – one Lexus 350 and Sienna and these vehicles had no plate numbers. The criminals over powered them because they were well equipped. The police officers were taken unawares. Since we are Government, and we have this responsibility to protect lives and properties, whatever immediate actions we need to take to salvage what we have seen, we will do it.

"Sometimes I do ask questions on the essence of tinted vehicles. When I was Speaker, I did not see any reason why I should tint my vehicles. I directed all my drivers to remove them because I did not like it. I subscribed for people to vote for me and they voted, so why should I hide myself from them? As Speaker, I was authorized by Law to go with tinted vehicle, but I did not see any reason for that, and no one ever attacked me. Throughout my time as Speaker, I used my cars ‘un-tinted’ because I am supposed to stop and greet people, or at least wave a hand and my people appreciated it. This is the responsibility I carry as a Leader.

"However, these incidences are happening because some of our Government officials are not active. And people are seeing it that the leader of the Government is lazy, because no one is receiving credible intelligence. I am not happy over that. I have given marching orders to the three Local Government Chairmen, Coordinators and Special Assistants to the Governor on Internal Security of those Local Government Areas. We will apprehend the hoodlums and they will face the full wrath of the Law.

"People have been very patient. The electorates have been very patient. We are slow. To all the Government officials, this is time for action. We have nothing disturbing us from doing the right thing. If the Governor’s memo gets to your office and stays more than a day, the next day, I will relieve you of your duty. Because I will not be going to the office every day, sometimes work from morning till night, discharging the people’s mandate, then you that is appointed – who is not receiving the same pressure as myself, will allow the document of the Governor to stay in your office for a month, two months. I will never take that again. 

"On that premise, we have stopped all travelling, except the Governor and Deputy Governor. There will be no other traveling from the State purse for the next six months, because we must sit down to work. And even myself, since I became Governor, I have only traveled out of the country once and I am not ready to do that again soon, because those who elected me are here suffering. What am I going to do in America? A lot of people say when you travel, you meet core investors who will develop our State. I say, those investors will definitely come to Ebonyi if we give them the enabling environment. So, for those Commissioners who want to be flying to Abuja every week, I am sorry about that".

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