Abia Onyike's Allegations Against Umahi, Baseless, Unfounded, Height Of Irresponsibility - Orji

By Our Reporter, Abakaliki

Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji, the
Special Adviser on Media  to the Honourable Minister of Works, Engr David Umahi, has described as baseless and unfounded, the allegations of fueling Insecurity leveled against the Minister by Mr Abia Onyike.

In a statement from Barr Orji, made available to our reporter further  described the action of Abia Onyike as height of Irresponsibility and hunger induced, clothed with shame and sheer lack of character.

His statement reads in full;
"The attention  of my office  has been drawn to the recent deceptive and baseless allegations deliberately concocted  and sensationally  circulated in different online media platforms against the person of my boss, the Honourable  Minister of Works, *His Excellency, Sen. Engr. Nweze David Umahi, FNSE FNATE CON GGCEHF*, by one Abia Onyike, an unsteady member of the People's Democratic Party, (PDP) from Ebonyi State who is widely  and unfavourably  known for his irresistible will to propagate a mendacious propaganda and beggarly  political job against progressive and celebrated leaders, such as my boss,   for pecuniary  gains.

"A look at the subject matters in  the  allegations, the  myopic reasonings adduced, and the  height  of irresponsibility  of his  vendetta  expressions, will leave no doubt  in the mind and  common  sense of even unsuspecting  members of the public that the said Abia Onyike is suffering  from incurable  amnesia and extreme  delusion. Otherwise, how can a person in his right senses state that the  Honourable Minister of Works ruined the economy  of Ebonyi State  during  his time as Governor of Ebonyi State  or that the  Honourable  Minister is  sponsoring  violence  and terrorism in Edda Local Government Area  where Abia Onyike  hails from.  If it were not  amnesia  and delusion , why won't  Abia Onyike have a deep memory of the  captivating  records of  Sen. Engr. Nweze David Umahi as Governor of Ebonyi State  from 2015 to 2023. Mr. Abia Onyike  needs to consult  the ophthalmologist if he can not see the historic  and excellent infrastructural and human development bequeathments of  the Honourable Minister of Works  as Governor of Ebonyi State  between  2015 and 2023 which are evergreen as signature projects in governance records in Africa.

"Abia Onyike needs to permanently wear a dog tag on the harness so as to be acquainted with the great accomplishments of Sen. Umahi as Governor of Ebonyi State.  Abia Onyike needs  to know that in Sen. Umahi's time as Ebonyi State Governor,  the State made a world record  as the most prudent State in the use of public resources in Nigeria (Budgit Office 2021); the best State in Capital Budget implementation/investment in capital projects and best State in Nigeria in Economic Growth (Budgit Office 2021); the 2nd Best State in 2021 Fiscal performance rating (Budget Office 2012); the least indebted State in the South East (and 33rd in Nigeria) (Budgit Office 2021); the 4th best on controlled borrowing in Nigeria and the best in South-East (Budgit 2021); the 4th best in investment towards self-reliance (Road to State’s viability); Above average in maternal mortality ratio (2018 World Bank State of States Health index); one of the 10 best States in Economic Development Performance (Philips Performance Index of the Year 2020); one of the 5 best States in Nigeria (2020 State Fiscal Sustainability Index); one of the largest producers of Rice in Nigeria in the Year 2012 (Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment); the 2nd best in Empowerment and Job Creation in South-East (National Bureau of Statistics in 2020); the State with the Local  Government Area  out of the 774 Local Government Areas  that produced the highest number of undergraduates admitted  in Nigerian universities  in the year 2017, among other performance indices.

"It is foolhardy  that in the widest imagination of Abia Onyike, he thinks  that our leader who has made Ebonyi State to be truly  the Salt of  the nation,  successfully produced  a  divinely  ordained successor after his heart and with the  heart of humanity,  and is now navigating the  national road infrastructure  challenges, could  turn back to get involved with the local  distractions of governance.  Abia Onyike is unwittingly engaging  in an infamous blackmail   against a populous  and peaceful  local government by showing his local government  in a bad light  of violence  and terrorism. This shows that Abia  Onyike's sense of good judgment  is  dead. I need not tell him that the day of reckoning  is coming  when he will be made to account to his people for his various  misrepresentations.

"The expression of Abia Onyike on who is hovering around the current government of Ebonyi State for relevance also shows the level of the  moral burden of a conscienceless wretch who can afford to  spit and take it back. Abia Onyike must know that it is only a life of treachery,  hunger,  shamelessness, sheer lack of character, and discipline that can  make him speak  with double  tongue after  he had taken the job of opposition's chief spokespersons to speak ill of the candidature of our divinely produced Governor and all the APC candidates before  and after  the elections in 2023. We are not surprised that Abia Onyike's  life of double  dealing  can make him have a  habit  of doublespeak. 

"In his account of the second anniversary  of his mindless illusions, Abia Onyike goofed  when he alleged that  he was attacked and maimed under the administration  of Sen. Umahi as Governor following  the ' ruling ' of the Federal High Court, sacking  him as Governor of Ebonyi State in March 2022. This narration is, to say the least,  absolutely unpurposeful and reprehensibly unpatriotic and  can not appropriately connect with  the character of respect  for the rule of law,  obedience  to court judgments, and  deep regard for the principle of constitutionalism  which the Umahi administration  was reputed for. As you  know, Sen. Umahi has never  disregarded  the cause of justice. Rather, he would  always leverage the judicial  procedure and processes  to achieve the feat of a victor in all his legal battles. Abia Onyike must know that Sen. Umahi's administration never lost any legal battle , let alone encouraging  any person  or groups to take laws  into their  hands. In the instance  he referred, Abia Onyike must know that even the minutest circles in the administration  of Sen. Umahi  had confidence  in the integrity  and sanctity  of the judiciary  and therefore  could not have reacted to his unreasonable distractions over the  verdict  of the court of first  instance. If he thinks  he was attacked  or treated  unjustly, he should  explore  all legal  options to ventilate his grievances, especially  now  the Hon. Minister no longer has immunity, instead of engaging  in  character  assassination, which  he is notorious  for. 

"Let Abia Onyike  know that the members of the public and, indeed, Nigerians know the history  makers  in the development  landmark of Ebonyi State".

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