I'll Deal Decisively With Insecurity When I Become Commander In Chief, Peter Obi Boasts

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has boasted that he will deal with the issue of insecurity in the country in a decisive manner if he's elected president.

When he was asked on Arise TV on Monday, how he intends to curb insecurity if he’s elected Nigeria’s president, he said that he won’t be providing answers because it won’t work if he shares them now.

He said, “Rufai, even with a gun on my head, I can't give you details of what I’m going to do with the issue of insecurity. But I’m going to be commander in chief, I will deal with it decisively. I can’t tell you how I’m going to deal with it because if I tell you, it won't work.

“My first responsibility in this country is to secure lives and property. It is a critical thing because unless you do it, nobody will invest. The farmers can’t go back, so there is no food production, there is nothing that can happen without food production. 

“Not even America…all the time they were going to Baghdad, they just said, they will attack massively, decisively, they never gave us how they were going to do it that night.  How can I tell you? I will be in charge, I will be commander in chief and with security, we will be responsive and responsible. That means, whatever happened we will deal with it decisively and someone will have to be responsible for it.  If you are not doing it, you are out. We are not going to wait.”

Credit: Twitter | Arise TV

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