Why Equity Must Prevail In Ebonyi Governorship Position - Ebonyi NUJ Chair

The Nigeria Union of Journalist NUJ Chairman, Ebonyi State Council, Comrade Anthony Nwizi has joined his voice to the call for equity in Ebonyi State Governorship seat, narrating that, the arrangement will guarantee peace and social justice in the politics of the state.

Nwizi revealed this in his article titled;  "Ebonyi Gubernatorial Race and the Call for Equity", made available to Ebonyia Times Newspaper in Abakaliki, which reads in full:

"Important notes:
Ebonyi is made up of different major clans joined in three senatorial districts. They're but not limited to Izzi, Ohaukwu, Ezza, Ikwo, Ishielu, Ohaozara, Onicha, Ivo, Afikpo and Edda. These major clans have peculiar cultural values that they hold on high standards. Each of these clans craves to become the Governor of the state one day and the only way to fulfill these yearnings is to draw a programme that will enable this arrangement without rancor and acrimony. This was done by our founding fathers through what is called the Chater of Equity. This Chater of Equity has provided that power should rotate among the three senatorial districts to avoid the more populated clans hijacking the governance like what is happening in other states especially in Benue where some major ethnic groups have held the sit of power from long time ago.

"In 1999, the 1st Executive Governor of Ebonyi state came from Ebonyi North senatorial zone, in 2007, it went to the Central. These two zones have the population to withhold the power for as long as they want without letting it go to the South zone, but in the spirit of Equity, justice and fairness, the North and Central decided to galvanize a strong force against all odds and ceded power to the south in the same spirit of Equity in 2015. 

"Now that the South have completed their 8 years as Governor, the only reasonable thing to do is to return to status quo and begin from the North again. This is because if it happens that way, the power will touch the different clans enumerated above, one after the other. Then, there will be peace and harmony. Equity begets peace and that is what we are agitating for. 

"The implications of thwarting this arrangement are that there will be struggles to clinch the power and the syndrome of winner takes all will set in. The clans in the majority will always conspire. Those other clans in the minority will loose out because the gentleman agreement has been destroyed. 

"So, for the prevalent peace in Ebonyi State to sustain, let the power rotation among the three senatorial zones prevail. His Excellency Governor David Nweze Umahi  is a product of Equity and has sacrificed so much to sustain this position. 

"Let all eschew hatred, bickering, infighting and inordinate desires for power that will jeopardize the future of our generation". 

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