Price for Urban city status


Development comes with sadness and joy for those in authority who envisioned it, conceived it and enthroned it,  it is avenue to write their names on the sands of time with impending acknowledgement from posterity.

To the populace, the downtrodden and the governed, it is more of pains than gains.

For those food sellers at the Spera-enduo plaza, Onwe road by express road,  pains havAbakaliki, their pains become the gains of the Ebonyi State ministry of Capital City and Urban development.

Each time the Commissioner, Barr Onyekachi Nwebonyi and his team visit, things normally does not remain the same.

There must be cries, destructions, regrets and celebration evenly distributed. To the food sellers, his visit comes with anguish, pains and cries as well as bad day or night for business.

For him and his team, there is celebration of achievements and accomplishments - the deed has been done.  The stubborn people are weeping and counting their losses. To the watchers of this seasonless movie, their prayer is for God to rain down hailstones from Heaven on the Commissioner and his entire family, God refused to answer, He said No!

Yesterday 4th August 2021, the Commissioner for Capital City and Urban Development, Barr Nwebonyi and his team visited the Spera-enduo Plaza, Onwe road, his team confiscated food sellers foods, broke their tables and chairs, scattered their water and both beer and wine, including soft drinks. A lot of people were wounded including one Mr Ezeka Udele, Onyebuchi Eze an oil seller and his elder sister Mrs Eucharia Amadi and a certain madam Esther and Mama Chioma.

A cross section of people that spoke to our Guest Writer, however said that the Commissioner has given the affected food sellers ample time and opportunity to move to the nearby Abakaliki International motor park but they refused and would rather not move but wait to test the might of the state government.

These food sellers should learn to sacrifice a little and enjoy forever, in time like this everybody should make varying degrees of sacrifice in the interest of posterity.

Mr. Ignatius Chinedu Soroibe,  our Guest Writer wrote from Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State Capital.

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