Police must unravel who killed my father -Gulak's son


...Says South East should not be blamed

 Mustapha Gulak - son of late Ahmed Gulak, has said that the South East should not be blamed for the death of his father, urging the police to unravel those who assassinated him.

“We can’t just conclude that everybody from the South-East doesn’t like northerners. Just as it is in every society, you will have good and bad elements, so the police should just do a proper job and get to the bottom of his death. It will bring closure and help the cause of peace. So, the country can move on, though we as a family will never forget it, Mustapha said.”

Ahmed, former special adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, was killed in May enroute to the airport in Owerri.

 Late Gulak was on his way back to Abuja after a visit to Imo State on the invitation of the Senate Committee on the review of the Nigerian Constitution, by gunmen, whom the police claimed they wiped out hours later.

However, Mustapha distanced himself from the blame being heaped on the Igbo for the gruesome murder of the former All Progressive Congress, APC, chieftain in Owerri, on Sunday, May 30.
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He insists that only the police could unravel the true story behind what he believed was a clear assassination including those who plotted it and the reason for doing so.

“What I will encourage is for the police to be up and doing to ensure that they protect lives and properties of all Nigerians. Yes, there has been tension. The implication is that tension will be high on both sides, but let us as Nigerians try and respect the memory of my father and live in peace.

“My father believed in one Nigeria, so let’s live in peace. I have a lot of friends from the South-East; a lot of them called me to condole with me, some came all the way from the South-East to Abuja. There’s one who even came all the way to Yola to condole with the family,” he added.

In a detailed interview with The Punch, he was also quoted as flatly denying that the father had a deal with Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, whom he allegedly helped to become the candidate of the APC, during the last party’s governorship primaries, in the run to the 2019 election in the state, saying he would have known of such a deal given his closeness with his father.

He said: “The issue of people saying he helped Hope to become governor and all that is nonsense. Primaries were conducted and Hope won the primaries. So, all this talk by people, who come on board to say he helped Uzodimma to become governor, is just talking. Primaries happened and Hope won.

“The story about the deal with Hope, I read it on the pages of newspapers that he promised him N10 billion and he wasn’t going to fulfil it. I believe it is a conspiracy. I can swear by my faith that had it been that there was such a deal between my dad and Hope, I will know about it.

“Everyone knows I was close to my dad. A lot of deals my dad did with people I know. In fact, when my dad was going on that assignment, before his departure to Owerri, I took him to the airport. Prior to his going to the airport, when he was supposed to go and receive briefings from the APC secretariat, I drove him there.

“So, the issue of N10 billion is a conspiracy. As a Muslim, again, I believe no man takes another man’s life; no one gives life, but God. That’s my belief, which I have said over time; it was destined to happen. One thing the general public and the family will like is to see the perpetrators of the act brought to justice. We will like to know who sent them, because clearly, it is an assassination. We will like to know so that we have closure and prevent such things from reoccurring to other families.” Punch.

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