I raise dead persons back to life - Herbalist


By Joel Onuoha

One of the foremost members and former Vice Chairman of National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners, NANTMP, Ebonyi State Chapter, Chief Dr Peter Nwebonyi Ojiabo, said his herbal power has got to the level where he used it to raise the dead back to life.

Chief Trado-Doctor Peter Nwebonyi Ojiabo said this at his country home, Ngbona Ishieke in Ebonyi LGA of Ebonyi State, Sunday 18th April 2021, while briefing newsmen on how he became a traditional medical practitioner and the positive impacts made so far in the society with his herbal healing gift.

The herbalist who is over 70 years old by age and a husband of 5-wives with many children, said he joined the trado-medical world as a practitioner in September 1987 after a several years of his brutal refusal to practice in accordance with his calling.

Narrating how he began as a herbalist, he said, his first encounter was to use his herbal power to get a dead person back to life in his village.

According to him, "there was a man who went to do mulching for me in my farm. While I was there, I received a call that my neighbor's child died. The woman's name is Nwophoke Azuoba. Her grandchild who was living with her died. The child was born in Cross River, but then, lived with his grandmother at Ngbona Ishieke. But the father to the child, is a Cross Riverian, who married from my neighbor's family, living here and the child died that day. 

"In our place, whether for good or for bad news, we are always invited as neighborhoods. I asked the man- Mr Nwodom Nwovu from Edomi Ishieke who was doing mulching in my farm to check numbers of heaps already mulched. While doing that, I left him in the farm, and moved straight to my neighbour's compound. 

"When I reached there, I saw the child has already died. The grandmother was carrying the corpse on her laps. I was standing up, holding an orange tree in the compound. The corpse of the child were about to be buried. Then, voice began to come from above telling me that I can raise the child back to life again. 

"I was contemplating how could that be possible? As I was not a native doctor and asked myself, how will I do it? The voice insisted that I will raise the dead child back to life. The people there were already set to go and bury the corpse of the child. The voice told me that, if I didn't follow their instructions to get the child back to life, that immediately, I reached my home, my own child would die. 

"And my child whom the voice said would die, is my first son, his name is Emeka. Our people's tradition is that if your child dies, the breaved father will be asked to talk to the dead child before the corpse will be buried.

"I was confused what I would have said if I had refused and the voice later came to pass. I asked those people talking to me but I didn't see any of them, what and what should I do to return the child back to life?

"The voice maintained: "Have you agreed to follow our instructions? I said yes, and asked them to show me what I could do to give it a trial. This was happening in a broad daylight. Some people who were around that day are still alive. 

"There was a native doctor already there before the death of that child. I asked them to show me what they said I should do. The voice asked me to look straight towards Sun. Immediately I looked up, I saw something like 'agidi' meaning bicycle balls. The voice asked me to get palm fronds, I went and did that. The voice asked me to make a circle shape on the ground, I did. Till date, I continue to do this circle when I want to see a patient.

"The voice asked me to tell the grandfather of the child, Jonah Echi  to come and stand at the centre of the circled ground, and made incantations as directed; 'let his grandchild rise from death.' 

"The voice asked me to do the same, and I did. I was asked to make the palm fronds to been opened.

"The voice asked me together with the child's grandfather to use our left hands to collect sand and put on the palm fronds and we did.

"The voice asked me to squeeze the palm fronds together with the sand and I did. I was asked equally to tie the palm fronds together with the sand, directed me to enter the woman's house backwardly, and nail it on the wall immediately I crossed my two legs at the door post in my front. 

"After doing this, I was asked to tell the woman to raise the head of the child and the corpse to stand. She did this, and at the same, the voice asked me to lay my hand on the shoulder of the child. Immediately, I laid my hand on the shoulder of the child, the two eyes got opened and began to walk. Some people ran away, but some withstood their presence at the place. 

"The voice asked me to give the child food to eat. No food was found in the compound, but one Mr Stephen Unah rushed to his house and carried porridge. The voice directed me to tell the child to take a five spoonful and eat. The child followed the instruction as directed by me. The voice said, if the child didn't vomit out the food, it means that, he wouldn't die, but thank God, he didn't vomit it and lives on till date. 

"The child has gotten married, given birth to children, and living with his biological parents in Cross River. This was happening in September 1987. 

He added: "I refused earlier to practice as herbalist because none of my relatives had ever been one. I am the first to be a native doctor in my lineage. 

"I have many experiences. Since then if any patient is brought to me, the moment I saw the person I will tell whether I could heal him or not. 

"If I could, I will tell you stay, and if I can't heal the person, I will tell his people to take him back to where they came from.

Speaking on the kinds of ailments he heals, he said: "I cure strokes, spiritual attacks, poison, madness, malaria, typhoid, infection, snake bites, jadijadi, and other chronic diseases. I started from raising the dead back to life and I have raised many people from dead to life today."

Nwebonyi also urged the state and federal governments to look into ways of assisting the herbal doctors by building herbal schools in order to advance their careers.

He equally pledged support to the present administration in the state, advising his colleagues in the herbal world to practice with fear of God.

*For enquiry, call him through 07063434299.*

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