Group urges Nigerians to deploy talents into economic development


The Salt Family group, a Non-governmental Organisation based in Abakaliki has urged Nigerians to deploy their talents in various fields into developing the nation's economy. 

Mr Elvis Anasi, Coordinator of the group made the call in Abakaliki, during the third session of its lecture series organised in conjunction with POWEREC Global Services Nigeria Limited.


Anasi said that the country is blessed with human and material resources to make its economy a reference point in the continent and globe.


"The Igbos in particular are ingenious and if given the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity, they would be the genius of the world."


He said that the salt family enlightens the populace especially the youths on the importance of acquiring skills and venturing into entrepreneurship in order to be financially dependent.


“We promote ingenuity and encourage Ebonyi people and Nigerians to embark on positive ventures which would help solve the unemployment problem bedeviling the state and country."


Hon. Nnanna Nwangele, the group's Director of General Affairs, noted that the group projects good governance in the state and country.


"We promote intellectualism and productivity and bring whatever that would uplift the people's well-being to the state.


"We motivate the youths to continue being agents of change and take necessary steps that would position them as leaders of tomorrow."


He said that the group would collaborate with the state government in enhancing the well-being of the youths and promote its infrastructural strides which have greatly developed the state.


Dr Stephen Odoh, Ebonyi Commissioner for Business Development, commended the organisers for the event but urged them to be different from other groups that propagate empowerment and entrepreneurial messages.


"Entrepreneurship is an attitude of the mind and good entrepreneurs seek leverage and collaboration and not personal success alone.


"It is disheartening therefore to see some people who gather to offer empowerment tips and tutorials to the citizens, misleading them with falsehood and unrealistic projections.

“The state government would always ensure that the citizens do not fall prey of such organisations as the ministry of business development would always pursue policies and programmes that would help actualise the citizens’ entrepreneurial objectives."

Engr. Victor Asogwa, Chief Executive Officer of POWEREC Global Services Nigeria Limited said that the organization was poised to provide safer, more comfortable and flexible maintenance of it infrastructure recorded in its massive transformation.

“Making the facilities smart, helps in easily maintaining the projects and more efficient in running the projects.

“Smart technology is beneficial in infrastructure through reduction of energy consumption, improvement in building efficiency, increase in productivity, better usage of resources among others."

Highlights of the occasion include: goodwill messages by personalities, choral performances, empowerment discussions among others.

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