Umahi opines USAID State2State project focused on strengthening governance systems

 By Victor Nwegede

The Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Nweze Umahi has opined that the USAID State2State project to be focusing on strengthening governance systems, particularly public financial management and procurement, among others.

Umahi stated this Wednesday at Exco-Chambers, Old Government House, Abakaliki during the occasion of the USAID State2State Virtual Launch.

He said, "I am encouraged that the activity of State2State will be focusing on strengthening governance systems, particularly public financial management and procurement, including monitoring and evaluation of service delivery in key sectors of basic education, primary health care, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), as well as support to improve community/citizen participation in governance and conflict management."

He also identified these as the core issues of good governance that will help to deepen accountability, transparency and effectiveness of service delivery in the state, as well as in local governments.

The governor who expressed joy to be part of the virtual launch in his state, said, ''Ebonyi State has been committed to good governance that is built on accountability, transparency and prudence.''

He noted, "although the state faces daunting challenges, such as human capacity constraint, dwindling resources due to declining oil revenues, the devastating economic effect of COVID-19, as well as insecurity, we have continued to provide efficient and effective service delivery to the citizenry, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, basic education, primary healthcare and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)."

Umahi added: "There is no doubt that we need the support of development partners to improve and sustain service delivery in these areas. USAID State2State Project has therefore come to Ebonyi State at a most auspicious time. 

"I am pleased that State2State in Ebonyi State has commenced on good footing by conducting foundational studies to establish basic data and baselines that will be used to develop a robust state plan for interventions and support in its areas of focus.

 "I understand that a Transformation Committee will also be established to oversee the implementation of the state plan when developed. We will partner effectively with State2State to establish the Transformation Committee and to develop and commence timely implementation of the state plan and other interventions in the State. In the meantime, I would particularly request State2State’s quick and urgent support to the State on the SFTAS DLIs, IGR improvement and Training/Capacity-building of the core staff of key MDAs of government, particularly those involved in public financial management (PFM), IGR and procurement." 
The governor therefore, thanked USAID and the United States Government for selecting Ebonyi State as one of the beneficiary states of the State2State Project in Nigeria.

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