Post ENDSARS Summit: 1,500 youth to participate in Ebonyi


       Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State.

By Victor Nwegede

1,500 young persons are targeted by Ebonyi government to participate in the post ENDSARS youth summit in the state, NATIONAL PANEL reports.

The Chairman Organising Committee of the summit, Pastor Eze Nwachukwu Eze made the disclosure on Monday in an interview with journalists at Abakaliki, the state capital.

Eze Nwachukwu who is the Commissioner for Inter Governmental Affairs in Ebonyi, said the state government looks up to have 1,500 participants for this section of the summit and each of the 13 local government areas in the state will delegate 100 youth while the remaining 200 is spreaded across the state based youth organisations.

"We are looking up to have 1,500 youth for this section, and that's why they are allowed in the local government level, to convey meeting on their own and delegate 100 persons to represent them in each local government area. 

"The remaining 200 is spreaded among the state based youth organisations. The selection cuts across the student union leadership, the young and intelligent graduates, the artisans, the entertainers, the religious groups, the physical challenge, all these groups will be there," he said.

The Chairman explained that the post ENDSARS youth engagement summit in Ebonyi is part of the government projects, both at the centre and state on addressing the effects of the trouble and trauma, the nation went through late 2020. 

He further stated that the summit was organised by government on its pursuance to keep its promises of engaging the youth on dialogue.

According to him, "Governor David Umahi, quickly came home and being part of the national committee on this summit, came to Ebonyi without delay and inaugurated the state committee.

"By his appointment, selected us as the council committee and fortunately, I was made the state Chairman Organising committee with the responsibility to ensure that both from the planning to its execution and post of the programme is recorded. 

"The governor has made available fund and it is free for all the participants. Both transportation, feeding and some take-home packages will be delivered. The venue is Christian Ecumenical Centre where social distancing and COVID-19 protocols will be strictly observed."

"All these are provided to device the youth integration. To harness the potential of the youth, taken from Ebonyi to other parts of the country. This is going to be a kind of talent hunt, so as we can harvest the talents. That's why we hammering that the local government chairmen to bring their best from their localities for the summit."

Eze noted that the summit has two segments - the section where the resource persons will speak professionally, religiously and socially to the youth and the other section for youth to source on their own in line with what they are taught, and the direction of government, before they would draw an impactful communique supporting the national growth and development.

He stressed that the youth are expected to bring out their best as in his words, the best performing ones, would represent the state in the regional level and subsequently, at the national youth summit.

Further, he cleared that,  "the participants of this summit does mean they are those who will benefit from the ENDSARS empowerment scheme. The 30 billion Naira EndSARS empowerment scheme is a different project. They are not the same, this is just a youth summit. It's a knowledge-based summit where the impact will be more of attitudinal change. 

"The other one will be cash and fund based, which people have applied and because of this programme, our governor ordered that the portal should be reopened again for more applications. And in this summit is packaged in such a way that the youth are allowed to participate in all the segments. We have opened a dedicated email address, where an independently, a paper for presentation will be submitted, looking at the areas of interest, they can put up their paper. 

"It's going to be all inclusive. It's going to be impactful. It's going to be knowledge based, it's going to be fun and it's going to be anything good you can think of. 
We are going to come out not just with communique but  a special slogan we are going use to greet ourselves in the streets. We have a technical committee going through these papers before presentation, because no person has monopoly of knowledge."

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