Governor David Nweze Umahi

 -Barr. Oby Oko Enyim, Executive Chairman, Afikpo North LGA speaks:

"When in pursuit of the general good and roadblocks are set on your path, jump the barricade, for that's what maketh a man".- Richard Nixon.

1. I strongly believe that we need to rethink on some of the political stereotyping we have consciously or unconsciously brought unto our psyche just to promote medieval sentiments.

2. Besides my training as a lawyer, I am a strong subscriber, or better still advocate of meritocracy; a society where the best person or superior idea wins, a system where the most capable and those with the best idea cum IQ take up leadership to create value for all. Gov. Umahi has shown class and has recorded superior results and superlative performance. Evidence abound!

3. Truly, what distinguishes Gov. Umahi  the most as a great leader is his rather strategic speciality and sophistication on how to bake the cake and not how to share it.

4. Looking at the composition of his Cabinet (Executive Council Members), one will agree with me that Gov. Dave Umahi is one leader who connect with others in ways that affirms and highlights his belief in one united Nigeria. A leader who vividly comprehends the political workability cum economic brain box of Nigeria.

5. It is on the strength of Gov. Umahi's landmark achievements and tested/trusted capacity over the years that has endeared him to the hearts of his people, hence the unprecedented followership and respect Gov. Umahi enjoys and commands everywhere he goes even beyond the shores of South East Geopolitical Zone.

6. We have been sacrificing meritocracy on the retrogressive altar of mediocrity in Nigeria and this painfully manifests in the mediocre results we get in most aspects of our national life. It is irretrievably time to change this ridiculous narrative for good by giving Gov. Umahi the chance of correcting the many wrongs and woes bedeviling this country. He has the capacity, the capability, the charisma, the education, the experience, the wisdom  and above all, his courage is not in doubt.

7. Gov. Umahi, commands genuine love and support both within and outside Ebonyi state.  This not only validate his socio-political ideals of heavy infrastructural development as a bedrock for viable and sustainable economic growth and development, but equally helps his large followers and indeed onlookers to gain a broader perspective and insight that make them feel like having a man like Gov. Umahi lead this nation, based on his magic wand on Ebonyi state today in the past 5years and still counting. 

8. A far better Nigeria is sure to emerge through a leader like Gov. Umahi. My reasons are not farfetched from what we are seeing today in Ebonyi state under Gov. Umahi's proactive and futuristic leadership. It is only when you have not visited Ebonyi state, or you are not familiar with our story that you won't understand this assertion.

9. We should not allow our culturally stereotyped belief or political correctness in party politics to deny us the wonderful opportunities and capacities embedded in the personality and charisma of a man like Gov. Umahi. The individual capacity of a leader should be considered first and foremost before party or any other considerations and not the other way round.

10. I must at this point commend very highly the overwhelming and uncommon solidarity, support, respect, love and understanding of my good people of Afikpo North towards Gov. Umahi. We, from Afikpo North are the real MVPs of Gov. Umahi's support base and am truly proud of you people.

11. If the 2023 presidential race will be based on merit, capacity, performance, IQ, experience, wisdom and trust; then surely, Gov. Umahi is the best fit for the job.

12. Inasmuch as politics of good governance is concerned; Gov. Umahi is my own political party. In him, I have proudly obtained my own party card/credentials.

13. Nigeria has a bundle of blessings and opportunities in Gov. Umahi. I do sincerely admonish that we don't miss out on this golden opportunity.

14. It is time to rally round our beloved governor like never before. A new Nigeria is possible and feasible with him on the saddle.

15. We are ready and very well equipped to make it happen and to move Nigeria forward through our hot cake of a governor.

16. In my opinion, performance-based leadership of Gov. Umahi should be seen 
as the hallmark of, and one of the defining characteristics of a great leader. He is indeed the type of leader Nigeria need to successfully navigate out of the troubled waters of socio-political cum economic quagmire.

17. I therefore call on our workaholic Governor, the David of our Generation and Professor of Infrastructural Development not to hesistate to join the 2023  presidential race on any political platform he believes can effectively prosecute and crystallize this ambition for the betterment of the Igbo race and indeed the entire Nigeria.

18. The South East cannot continue doling out bulk votes to other geopolitical zones to become the Nation's presidents, only to be relegated to the background ad infinitum. 

19. Enough is enough and the time to harp on it is now!!!

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