Social Public Works: Integrity at work as EDON steals the show


Among the vagaries of feats giving the Government of the Federation led by President Muhammadu Buhari great deal of credibility, it is the Government’s handling of the Social Investment Programmes that stands out. 

Among the Social Investment Programmes include:

·        The N-Power

·        Conditional Cash Transfer

·        The School Feeding Programme

·        The Federal Teachers Scheme

·        The Special Public Works, etc.

The transparent manner in which beneficiaries of the Back A and B of the N-power programme were conscripted cannot be forgotten in a hurry as beneficiaries were selected without putting into consideration their political inclination or ethnic lineage.

At the launch of the Special Public Works (SPW) designed to provide seven hundred and seventy-four thousand beneficiaries across the Federation the opportunity of earning twenty thousand naira monthly for three months as part of the post covid-19 stimulus package, the Federal Government embarked on scathing search of men and women of honour across the country who would trade the path of transparency in the implementation of the programme in the various States of the Federation.

Significantly, the lot in Ebonyi State fell on an accomplished business mogul and new breed politician, Chief Sir, Architect Dr. Edward Nkwegu OFR.

On assumption of duty by Dr. Edward Nkwegu as Chairman, SPW Implementation Team in Ebonyi State, he not only ensured that all other members of the team which also has Chairman of CAN, Ebonyi State, the Reverend Father Dr. Abraham Nwali as members are carried along in the programme implementation, but also extended the olive branch to all and sundry in the selection of beneficiaries of the programme.

In the interest of fair play, all critical stakeholders in all the 171 political wards of the State irrespective of political divide made inputs towards the choice of eventual beneficiaries of this all important programme courtesy of Dr. Nkwegu’s open door policy.

Consequent upon the saying by Earl Spenser that genuine goodness is threatening to those at the opposite end of the moral spectrum, some enemies of integrity accused Dr. Nkwegu and his team of trading the path not often followed and an effort to defend the activities of the team in Abuja even earned the Chairman of the implementation team more feathers as he became the overall Chairman of the thirty-six states implementation teams, a feat that has not only vindicated him and his team but also passed vote of confidence on them.

It also stands Dr. Nkwegu out as one of the few politicians to have spearheaded equitable spread of Government slots cutting across all polling units without considering political differences in Ebonyi State in recent time.

More so, the outcome recognizes Dr. Nkwegu as a down to earth and detribalized statesman who deserves more opportunities of exercising positions of thrust bearing in mind the saying that the meat that has fat, proves it on fire.

And as 2023 beckons, Sir, Arc, Dr. Edward Nkwegu, OFR, is no doubt, one of the finest personalities Ebonyians can look up to take the State to eldorado giving his vast experience in entrepreneurship, politics and philanthropy as well as his sterling virtues of Integrity, humility and level-headedness.

Going by the saying by Basil Robert that our greatest power is the power to choose; Ebonyians are encouraged to at the appointed time exercise the inalienable right of franchise to the enthronement of the one whose high moral standard would function as a springboard to multi-sectoral growth and development.

Written by Boniface Nwankwo and edited by Chukwugozie Nkwegu

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