Effium Crises: Peace In Sight As Waring Communities Signs Peace Pact

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

In what appeared to be a significant  milestone towards final resolution of over three war between Effium and Ezza Effium communities in Ohaukwu local government, Ebonyi State.

The state Government on Thursday, presided over the signing of peace pact between the two waring communities which is a step towards the total return of peace in the war-torn communities.

The Chairman of the White Paper Implementation Committee, who is also the State  Attorney General and commissioner for justice, Dr Ben Uruchi Odoh said,  as the Chairman of the implementation committee, the committee is poised to implementing all that are contained in the white paper which is meant for total return of peace in the area, noting that the state Governor, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is fully committed to the restoration of peace in the area.

Dr Odoh stated further that the white paper also provide for amnesty and dissarmerment Program for those detained at various custodial centres and for the fighters in the bush, which according him, were all prices for peace on the side of government.

Other Item in the white paper revealed the Effium people are the landlord and such has fully autonomy to produce a traditional ruler while her Ezza counterpart is semi- autonomous and can only produce a town Union president among other recommendations.

"Effium and Ezza Effium obliged us with twenty five (25) critical major stakeholders each and we red the peace pac which is in consonants with the white paper and they have all signed which means they are ready for us to move into Effium to implement every letter in the white paper of Government.

"Government is putting in place dissarmerment Program and also putting in place armnesty program. The essence of this dissarmerment Program is for the warriors in the bush fighting to surrender their arms willingly and when surrender, Government will collect their arms and hand over to the appropriate authority. Government will foregive them and will then de-radicalize them and re- integrate them back into the society. Then, those of them that are already detained at various custodial centres, the governor will pardon them and will be released, these are prices for peace to be achieved".

The committee chairman, Odoh, emphasized the importance of implementing the recommendations outlined in the White Paper to prevent further escalation of the conflict and promote lasting peace and stability in the community. 

He further urged both communities to embrace the proposed solutions and work together towards a harmonious coexistence.

Responding to the white paper implementation, the spokes man of Ezza Effium community, Barrister Utobo Onele said, though, they are some items in the documents presented by the peace committee they are not comfortable with, but they don't have any other ulternative but to promote peace and unity  in Effium community.

On his part, the president of Effium Development Union, Prof James Agina expressed satisfaction with the content of the white paper as red and promised that his people are willing and ready to do everything thing that will bring lasting peace in the Communities.

In their separate votes of thanks, the former Chief Judge of Ebonyi State, Justice Anselm Nwigwe and the special Assistant to the Governor on community relation, Chief Nichodemus Omenka, appreciated the governor on his efforts in restoring peace in the area and pledged to work with Government to restore lasting peace in the Area.

Recall that in 2021, communual crises erupted in Effium Community with her Effium counterpart which snubled into full blown war and have consumed countless lives and property in the area.

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