YULETIDE: We've Set Up Strategies To Ensure Peaceful Celebration- Senior Security Aide Assures

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

The Senior Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor  on Internal Security, South, Comrade Okenwa Nnachi Uka said,  the security of life and property of Ebonyians remains utmost priority and responsibility of Government and here in Ebonyi, the state government under the responsive leadership of Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, has put all necessary Strategies In place to ensure that peace and tranquility reign supreme during and after this festive period in all parts of the state.

Governor Nwifuru senior security aide disclosed this in his office during a chart with our correspondent in Abakaliki, the state capital, Wednesday.

"As we all know, the security of life and property of the people are the responsibility of Government and here in Ebonyi state, we are very lucky because we have a Governor who is a home made. Who grow through all ranks here in Ebonyi, who knows the terrain and who is also a proactive Governor. He has already, before now put up massive security strategy, that's why we have low level of criminality in the state. Crime is as old as man but our Governor through his Government has set out so many strategies which I may not necessarily discuss here because it is not meant to be made public.

"You may recall that the governor on assumption of office appointed Special Assistants on Internal Security in all the 13 LGAs. He went ahead to appoint Zonal Senior Special Assistants, that's to show the interest he has in the security of the people. Yes, this is yuletide, we are not relenting on our oars, we are working round the clock in ensuring that there's peace and tranquility, that everybody goes about his normal business and people who are coming for the Christmas holiday will stay happily and enjoy themselves without any fear of molestation and harassment. As you all know, we have our neighborhood watch members in every hooks and crannies. We have those that are in intelligence unit and we have stepped up our consultation and meetings with the various commanders of this very outfit. We are collaborating with heavily with the Nigeria police including the army. If you're coming in from other state, you're definitely going to meet check points in our borders with other states, those are the physical things you can see on ground, but we are doing more than that. And that is why you can see that Ebonyi South and in extension, the entire State is no longer a safe heaven for criminals. They are moving out in their numbers and those that decided to stay are being caught up and many are being sent to prison where we hope they will be reformed and rejoined the society. This Christmas, we are going to increase surveillance, we are going to increase patrol, we are also going to increase our intelligence because we want everybody to come back home and enjoy the Christmas and go back safely and speak good about the state".

He advised those with criminal intent to steer clear of Ebonyi South Senatorial zone as it will be too hot for operate maintaining that anyone caught in crime will face the superior power force of the law. He expressed further that the state Governor Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru does not condone and will never condone crime no matter the status or how highly placed the perpetrators of the crime are.

"As the senior special Assistant to the Governor, my basic advise to the people of Ebonyi particularly in Ebonyi South is that, wherever you are, whomever you are, we have produced our gingles and we are translating it into our local dialects in the entire Ebonyi South Senatorial zone. The essence of the whole thing is avoid anybody saying he did not understand. Our Governor does not, will not and will never condoned and act of criminality. That is why we said, do not commit, do not conspire to and do not conceal crime. If we find you wanting in these areas, that means, you want to know what Government can do and I tell you, there's nobody, no matter how you're highly placed that is above government. 

"I am advising everybody particularly, those people that their mindsets are made up for criminality, that Ebonyi South Senatorial zone will be too hot for them as we are very much ready to face then. We also want to advise, we have heard rumors of people talking about sit-at- home. It is not observed here in Ebonyi state. Like we have always said, people are to go about their legitimate business without fear of molestation. We want to advise our brothers, wherever you are, are you at home, are you in the bush, are you in the road side, do not stop anybody that is going on his legitimate business, do not molest anybody. We do not observe sit -at-home here in Ebonyi state and will not observe it. I will also want to advise the young lads. There's a trend we are beginning to see growing and that's the high intake of hard drugs. It is affecting our people. I want to seize this opportunity to advise my brothers and sisters to desist from drug intake, it does not and will never do you any good, it will rather destroy you, because it has the tendency of leading one to crime. We want to beg our people not to take or sell hard drugs. It is yuletide and my team will be moving round every nooks and crannies of Ebonyi South Senatorial zone, if we get you on hard drugs, my brother, your second name is sorry. So, it is better to abstain completely from it. Be focused, do legitimate thing and support the government. We will also advise our mothers to please talk to their children. At any time you see suspicious movement around you please talk out. We are working with network companies to provide us with a dedicated phone number that we will soon distribute to the public, such that if you have any information you want to give any information, your identity will not be seen by us, but we will rather work on the information given to us. 

"For the Communities that are having problems, remember, if you fight your brothers to a point of killing yourselves, strangers will occupy your land and enjoy your wealth. It's better we resolve in peace because there's nothing we cannot resolve as brothers".

He recounted the robust synergy with other security agencies in Ebonyi South, which he said, has helped in reducing the  crime to its bearest minimum.

"Our relationship with other security agencies are very cordial. You Know, on assumption of office, I visited all the security formation in Ebonyi South and our collaborating has been very effective. It is evident that killings and other violent crime has been reduced to a bearable in the zone", he concluded.

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