19-yr-old Dies Of Drug Overdose During Intercourse With A Lady In Delta

A 19-year-old boy, known as Lucky, tragically died from a drug overdose during an intimate encounter with a young lady.

Trendygists gathered that the incident occurred at Oton, after the Vigilante Checking Point, Sapele, Delta state this morning, December 7. R

According to reports, Lucky took loads of drugs before engaging in intimate activities with the girl he took home the previous night.

Lucky paid the girl 50k for their encounter, an eyewitness at the scene said, adding that after two rounds, the young man tragically succumbed to the effects of the drug he had taken earlier.

The girl explained that after their sexual encounter, Lucky suddenly became distressed and hit her phone on the ground in the process. She further stated that she was unaware he was grappling with the effects of drug use.

The lady stated that she noticed that Lucky was no longer responsive at around 4 am. She hurriedly left Lucky’s house with his phone but later realized that she had left her phone at Lucky’s place. As she went back to take it, Lucky’s neighbours noticed his absence and began to question her. Her nervous behaviour raised suspicions, leading to the discovery. She was apprehended and the police were subsequently involved in the matter.

It was gathered that the police collected both phones, and Lucky’s body was evacuated from the scene.

However, Lucky’s family is unknown, at the time of this report, but his neighbours revealed that he only spoke about his late mother and mentioned his grandmother.

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