The Life And Times Of An Accidental Martyr, Emegha Daniel Orji

Life is a mystery that seeming denies every mortal the fair knowledge to explain in clear terms how man migrated to the planet earth and the circumstances or time that would herald his departure to the world beyond. This was the ill-fate that demobilized Emegha Daniel Orji and thus rendered him vulnerable to the evil machinations of his enemies, who truncated abruptly his earthly mission in the most savagery manner on 26th December,2022.
Emegha Daniel was born on 20th May,1985 into the family of Mr. & Mrs.Orji Ama Orji of Ezi-Ofuru Ameke Ekoli Edda in Edda Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. He was the 3rd son in a family of five children from his mother's womb,Ezinne Nnenna Okoro Emegha.
When Emegha Daniel attained the age of acquiring primary education, he was enrolled at Ndoki Primary School, Aba in 1991 in the present day Abia State where he completed his primary education in 1996. He was later admitted at King of Kings Secondary School, Aba and subsequently graduated in flying colors in 2006. In his quest for further education, he gained admission at Abia State University, Uturu and unfortunately abandoned the programme two years later for reasons best known to him.
However,propelled by the zeal to achieve financial independence, Emegha Daniel enrolled as an apprentice at U.C. Best Aluminum Company,Ogbor Hil,Aba where he studied Aluminum fabrication for three years.By his devotion and commitment to his vocation, he soon became proficient in the practical application of his chosen career. Hopefully,he established his own company in Aba in 2015which he later relocated to Ekoli Edda in 2017. The said company flourished until 2021 when he joined the Ebonyi State Neighborhood Security Watch.
Emegha Daniel married his heartthrob, former Miss Chinasa Blessing Joshua and the marriage is blessed with three children namely; Eberechi, Philip and Stanley Emegha Orji respectively. Papa was a loving and caring husband who sacrificed his comfort for the welfare of other people. He was an industrious and hard working father who inculcated in his children the virtues of discipline,perseverance and creativity. His love and compassion for his family was the reason why he voluntarily resigned as a member of Ebonyi State Neighborhood Security Watch because he wanted to protect his marriage since his wife was still living in Ekoli Edda while he was away in Abakaliki.

Papa was a firm believer of the Assemblies of God Church and an unrelenting defender of truth and social justice in all circumstances, a courageous man whose outspoken disposition against the ills of the social infuriated his foes.He was a star athlete and sports enthusiast which distinguished him as a great soccer midfielder who was always known to wear the No. 9 Jersey for his club - Ameke Football Team. Interestingly, it was his heart trick goal that earned his club the desired victory during the 2022 Ekoli Football League tournament - a day before his unfortunate assassination.
It is indeed a sad commentary that the football match which he played against their opponents from Letu Edda was Papa's last public outing that signald his last forceful eviction to an unknown destination where no man ever lived to narrate his own story about life after death.
Ironically,a bunch of assassins on the night of 26th December,2022 shattered the door of Papa's apartment along Ugbo Ekoli road around 11.00pm when he was sleeping. They violently grabbed and flipped away his eight months old baby who was lying on papa's chest and pumped several bullets on his chest. This was how Emegha Daniel laid down his life as a marty for the evolution of a free society where peace and freedom will be the watch word. In any case, his death cannot be in vain because his blood will certainly engender the rebirth of a new Ekoli Edda where brutality and violence will be a thing of the past. This is the passionate desire of all sons and daughters of the community. Ironically, Ekoli Community witnessed yet another dark era of her chequered history from 6th- 10th November, 2023 when the same satanic agents, severely brutalized nine innocent citizens of the community who are now lying in critical conditions at various hospitals while one victim was ·confirmed dead.Unfortunately, the leadership of the community who ought to have maintained peace in the area have refused to bow down their faces in shame that such brazen atrocities could be happening under their watch in the 21st Century.
Nevertheless, the Governor of Ebonyi State, Rt. Hon. Builder Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru must be commended for his unwavering commitment towards making the state a safe haven for habitation. It is heartwarming to note that he has by extension shown uncommon love and compassion to the good people of Ekoli Edda as exemplified in the confidence and peace building meeting he held with critical stakeholders of Ekoli Edda on Saturday, 11th November, 2023, where he assured the people of his determination to ensure immediate restoration of peace and normalcy in the community. And there is no gain saying the fact that the Governor possesses the antidote to change the narrative of Ekoli Edda as a people under siege and bondage.
Therefore, as we mourn the untimely and painful departure of Emegha.Daniel who laid down his life as a martyr for the sake of peace and freedom of the people of Ekoli Edda, we pray the Almighty God, to receive his soul and grant him eternal rest,until the resurrection morning when we shall re-unite to part no more.
Adieu- The great martyr
Good night-the beacon of hope and freedom.

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