Nweke Clears Air On Misrepresentation of Fact In Rice Mill Leadership

The chairman of the Ezza Ezekuna rice millers association, Mr Chukwuma Nweke has expressed regret over a misrepresentation in a section of media which recently presented him as the state Chairman of Rice Millers Association. An action which has been termed as impersonation and is capable of causing rift in the Union if not properly handled.

Mr Nweke however, tendered unreserved apologies to the State Chairman of the Rice Mill owners association, Comrade Linus Obeji over the action, stressing that the action was not intentional but a pure misrepresentation of fact. He maintained that he is not the Chairman of Rice Mill owners as contained in the report, but the Chairman of Ezza Ezekuna Rice Millers Association.

“I am not the chairman of the rice mill owners association but the chairman of the Ezza Ezekuna rice millers association, people who are buying rice not owners of engines”. Nweke said.

He explained that the rice millers work directly under the leadership of comrade Linus Obeji, who is the overall chairman of the rice mill owners association in the State and commended him for initiating peace and unity in the rice mill company.

“He is a lovely chairman and God has used him to maintain peace and unity in the rice mill, I’m using this opportunity to withdraw the statement that the media accredited to me, it is not what I told the media that they wrote.

“Linus Obeji has no conflict with me, he is my chairman, I’m apologizing to him for any misunderstanding created by the said publication, I’m appealing for him to forgive and forget.

“He is my good friend and I supported him during the election and he won, and I have been by his side, I don’t know where the devil wants to come between us“. he said.

He eulogized the Ebonyi State Governor, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru for ensuring peaceful coexistence among the rice mill owners and sellers, as well as noted his willingness to run an all-inclusive government.

“The good work that God is using His Excellency, R t Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru in Ebonyi State will continue and will not stop.

“I’m praying for God to give him more courage and strength, and after this tenure, we will keep supporting him to continue with his good works in Ebonyi State for another tenure“. He added.

Recall that Nweke, reportedly granted interviews to journalists during the Ezza ezekuna New Yam festival where he was misquoted by the media to be the newly elected State chairman of the rice mill owners, an action which did not augur well with the state leadership of the Union.

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