2023 Polls:INYCF Warns Youths Against Political Thurggery, Violence

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

The leadership of Ikwo Noyo Youth Consultative forum INYCF, have enjoined the youths of Ikwo to resist all urge to engage in violent act during and after the forthcoming general election in the state.

The National President of Ikwo Noyo Youths Consultive Forum, Dr. Nwankwo Onyechi, in a Press Conference on Wednesday, charged the Youth to be weary of the antics of some political jobbers who may want to induce them into violent or criminal activities during the election period, stressing that the leadership of Ikwo Noyo Youth Consultative forum under his watch will not defend any member caught in criminal act.
His statement reads in part;
"Today is a remarkable day as we address you on the ongoing democratic transition. 

"We are thrilled to be here with you, discussing the unique dynamics of this year's election.

"Let's begin by acknowledging the difficulties our people are currently going through due to the federal government's monetary policies, which we hope is momentary. 
Though the effect is biting hard on our members and the entire Nigerian population. 

"We implore our members not to engage in any criminal activities or become social nuisances as a result of the current situation. 

"We encourage everyone to carry on with their lawful businesses with the confidence that normalcy will be restored.

"As an association, INYCF stands firm with its members who in the face of this challenge continues to persevere. 

"As Nigeria Youths, we will continue to build Faith in our dear COUNTRY, knowing that no Country of the world is imuned to challenges at any given time in their History. 

"For us, we are resolved to join and actively participate in such process that can give our Nation a new lease of hope.
"However, we do not condone or support illegal or unjust actions. Our goal is to promote peace and unity amongst our youths.
"This we do by reminding them of their responsibilities as citizens, and their obligation to the peace accord and traditional treaties put in place by the *Ikwo Development Union* , the Christian Association of Nigeria Ikwo branch, Ikwo media practitioners, and INYCF. 
These agreements forbid any acts of violence, destruction of property, or any other activities that could bring harm.

"As Election Day draws closer, we believe that every member of the association has the right to make independent political choices that consider the interest of Ikwo Noyo and Nigerian youths, the welfare of our children, and the long-term implications of their decisions. 

"INYCF is apolitical, but we encourage our members to be actively involved in the political process and to be mindful of the consequences of their choices.
We would like to warn members against being used in any manner that could attract the wrath of the law. In such an event, the Association will dissociate itself from such actions.

"The youth of Ikwo have shown unparalleled courage and patriotism in their sacrifices toward building a brighter future for Nigeria. 
In honor of their bravery and devotion, the INYCF expresses our deepest gratitude.

"We remain committed to ensuring that the sacrifices of the Ikwo youth are never forgotten. 
We will work together to ensure their dreams are realized and that Nigeria can experience true progress and justice", his statement ended.

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