Emegha's Non Retaliation To Eni's Attack Not Weakness But Wisdom

...Need To Sanction Eni If APC Is Ready For Election

From Polycarp Obinna Alegu 

The true nature or character of a man is chiefly determined by his decision or behaviour in a menacing or turbulent situation. Man is highly engulfed by 'vendetta morality' and that's why one perhaps, revenges when attacked by a certain assailant or aggressor. Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha has distinguished himself and proven to be a man of wisdom and high discipline by not retaliating Eni Uduma's attack on him at the market place.

An eyewitness account has it that, on 26th December, 2022, the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ebonyi State, Hon Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha went to Amaeke in Edda to inspect a Town Hall that is at the painting stage__a project he attracted to his village, and there, hoodlums allegedly loyal to Eni Uduma Chima attacked. The hoodlums who were numbering 30 with AK47 riffles opened fire at Emegha's convoy to assassinate him. It was a market day where population gathered for buying and selling. Chief Emegha being a security guru, saw that opening fire at the market place would leave many innocent villagers dead and he maintained that his security men would not repel the attack. The attack claimed the lives of a youth and a Police Inspector in Emegha's security team. They later went to Emegha's home, k!lled his younger brother, burnt his house and destroyed his property worth millions of naira.

The remote cause of this attack is not unconnected with the age long personality clash between the duo, as gathered.

Eni who is contesting for House of Reps in the forthcoming election should have been more concerned about electioneering campaigns and vote hunting, rather than masterminding attack on his brother, leader and party's chairman whom he should be loyal to, given that at least, party is supreme.

Some supporters of Chief Emegha who were highly irritated by the unwarranted attack on the party's helmsman argued that he (Chief Emegha) should have attacked back to prove that he's not weak since he had a well armed security team with him. While I understand the feelings of those who were angered by the attack which made them blame Chief Emegha for not retaliating immediately, I wish to differ and commend Chief Emegha very highly for the decision he took. It shows he's a man of peace and respects brotherhood. It also shows he loves his people and wouldn't want any shed of blood let alone in his area. The truth is that, if Chief Emegha had retaliated and opened fire at the market place, many innocent villagers would have lost their lives with more property destroyed and others maimed. 

Hon Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha is a strong leader who has the wherewithal to fight and win always. He is a security guru with track records of excellence in the field. He's a fearless lion with strong heart but he chose not to be a village champion. He chose not to cause tears and excruciating pains to his people who love him so much, reason he declined repelling the attack at the market place.

To this end, the state governor, the party's gubernatorial candidate and the APC as a party should not watch Eni destroy the party's chances of winning in the forthcoming general elections. Eni should be sanctioned. The state governor should stop handling Eni with kid gloves. He should be decisive on the issue at hand.

If this attack continues, the possibility of APC losing Afikpo south and more is there, and all the candidates would be affected, too. So, it's high time Eni is sanctioned to avoid further attack which could affect the party as a whole during the elections. A stitch in time saves nine!

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