Edda Mayhem: Is There Any Legality In Immorality

Recent happenings in Ekoli Edda in Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State remind one of the negligence, nepotism and self-deceit that heralded the carnage, massacre, burning and maiming that took place in Effium in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the same state a few months ago. What started as a personal rift between two political gladiators over the Chairmanship position of a motor park in Effium degenerated into a full-scale crisis that took several lives. Till today, irregularities of the government of Mr Dave Nweze Umahi claiming that they are sitting on top of the crisis, but they are still cases of  guerrilla warfare going on in the community. Many have been killed and many more were displaced.

The Ekoli Edda crisis, reminiscent of the Effium case, was triggered off by a mere election in a youth group. A particular group among the youth was said to have won the election.  This winner group belonged to the former Chairman of Afikpo South Local Government Area and the House of Representatives Candidate for Afikpo North and South Federal Constituency under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barrister Eni Uduma Chima. The losing group had the backing of the State Chairman of the APC and the Security Consultant to the Governor Dave Umahi-led government, Mr Stanley Okoro Emegha.

Reports revealed that these two political gladiators from the same village have never been at peace with each other, even, being  stakeholders in the same political party could not bring them together. This makes the situation to be more worrisome and suggests that there is more than meets the eyes. It is now a known fact that the difference between the duo has several unprintable affiliations. While Barrister Eni Uduma Chima's 'boys' are home-grown with their own identity, Mr Stanley Okoro Emegha relied wholly on the State Security apparatus, Southeast Ebubeagu Security, Ebonyi State Chapter, with backups from the other security agents in the state.

One question that needs an urgent answer is:  was the state government  not aware of the build-up to the crisis and why did it not take steps to prevent the arson and killings that happened later. Must the government of Mr Dave Nweze Umahi wait for the bloodbath before the coming of the dew?

All these questions lead to the fact that if the foundation is faulty, the building itself stands on a shaky ground. 

Agreed that these blood-thirsty politicians from Ekoli Edda were reportedly arrested, would their arrest equate  the lives of the policeman and other people including a pregnant woman that were wasted?

Moreover, we have seen such arrests before in the Ezza/Effium crisis, where the immediate past Chairman of Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the state, Barrister Clement Odah and the member representing Ohaukwu North in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Mr Chinedu Awo were given kangaroo arrests but were immediately released. Take a trip to the Abakaliki Correctional Centre today, boys from Ezza and Effium on awaiting trial list are not fewer than 300, but the key players are freely roaming the streets.

Any government that fails to provide the people with adequate security for their lives and property, meet their daily needs, provide  security, and employment for the teeming youths, and assure them of a better formula for addressing their challenges,  should pave the way for another.

Since the inception of the Fifth Democratic Rule in Nigeria, the country has continued to be battered and shattered especially when President Muhammad Buhari took the mantle of leadership in 2015 till today. Our mission journey was predetermined by visionless and aged leaders who only concern themselves with irrelevant issues, and vow to continue perpetrating and recycling themselves in the corridors of power.

With the rebirth of the Labour Party (LP) under the amiable Leader, Peter Obi, the language of Nigerian politics has changed. With the emergence of Arch Dr Edward Nkwegu as the Ebonyi gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, there has been renewed hope for the teeming population of the Ebonyi State. 

But our present leaders under the APC must answer those pertinent questions   raised. Even as they do that, it is certain, the house built with saliva has crumbled before the morning dew.


The popular saying that "you don't throw stones while living in a glass house" should have come to play in the fracas that rocked Ekoli Edda in Afikpo South recently, where two political giants from the area threw decorum into the winds and decided to wash their dirty linens in the public. 

Their actions led to the death of many including a pregnant woman.

 Surprisingly, one of them Mr Eni Uduma  Chima is a candidate in the forthcoming general election, seeking to be elected into the Federal House of Representatives.

One would have looked the other way if not for the gravity of the offence levelled against him. For posterity, INEC and other stakeholders in the electioneering processes were supposed to have carried out some analysis to determine if Mr Eni Uduma  Chima is still qualified to stand for the election. 

As a blood-letting gangster and an extremist, is Eni Uduma the type that should represent the people and make laws that will help the Executive to administer the nation well? Apart from this, what precedence has he laid as a person to show that he  values the well-being of his people except his interest? Better still, is there any provision in the electoral laws that forbids someone facing a murder charge from running for a competitive position in the country? 

Against this background, it is evident that Eni Uduma Chima has been living in a glass house and his recent actions are tantamount to throwing stones at the glass house he lives in. Expectedly, the glasses have  been broken. 

All the authorities concerned in this matter should understand that whatever their decision in this matter is, it will be a yardstick to measure another occurrence in the future as posterity will never forgive any mistake or over-looking of the matter. 

Eni Uduma Chima who has been in government from 2015  till date has most often been associated with violence in Edda. He has been at daggers drawn with his Community, Ekoli, and has been hiding under the influence of the Governor to talk tough. In 2018 he was linked to the gunshot injury suffered by one Onyedikachi Oji a.k.a Ogboshow.  He has remained fingered as the major promoter of the communal war between Egbor community in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State and Ekoli community of Afikpo South Local Government Area.  In 2020 he was linked to the killing of three men. - one person in Nguzu,  and 2 persons in Owutu. Eni Uduma's perchance for violence is unrivaled. He has been involved in several cases of violence in Edda.  In all these, his principal, the Governor of Ebonyi state is yet to see reason to allow the law to  take its course on him.  The people of Edda, as a result of the failure of the Governor to  prosecute Mr. Eni Uduma Chima, have since lost  confidence in him. What an irony of governance?

One thing certain is that Mr Eni Uduma Chima has shown the kind and type of leader he can be if bestowed with higher positions.

If Eni Uduma Chima can unleash terror on his fellow party member, what will happen to  members of the opposition party and what becomes the fate of his constituents if he eventually becomes a federal lawmaker?

 A word is enough for the wise.

From the Media Directorate,
Ebonyi Liberation Campaign Council.

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