2023: PDP Suffering From Hyper Paralysis, Says Ebonyi APC

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) says Ebonyi People's Democratic Party (PDP) is suffering from hyper paralysis. 

Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha  who is the Chairman of APC in Ebonyi State made  this known while interacting with newsmen at his office in Abakaliki.

While urging Ebonyi electorate to continue to be resolute in supporting the people's oriented APC led Government, chief Emegha explained that the multiple interpretations which greeted the verdict of the Federal High Court, Abuja shows that the PDP is nothing but a group of jesters who are absolutely confused and totally dislodged. 

"The judgement is highly inconsequential to us as the only political party existing in Ebonyi State. Let me tell you whether the court's ruling was on the primaries to be re-conducted or on the authenticity of their Chairman it has no effect whatsoever on my party the APC. Notwithstanding that the reactions are coming from disoriented people, APC is on track and formidable".  

"Ordinarily, I wouldn't have reacted to your questions but to let the cat out of the bag, PDP is dead. Nothing can revive the party. Whether they have a brand new Chairman or candidate (s), the dead party cannot secure a single ballot anywhere in Ebonyi State". 

"Can they campaign? With what and how? They have no scorecard nor any agenda for Ebonyi people.  Be informed, the perforated umbrella was buried the day His Excellency the Governor, Chief David Nweze Umahi joined the ruling All Progressives Congress APC on November, 2020" 

"My friends from the media world, APC cannot blink the eyelid because of the jesters whose catastrophic end is pursuing from every angle". 

"My Governor chief David Nweze Umahi has practically ensured that the people of the state enjoy the dividends of democracy no matter where they live or who they are". 

Do you know that Ebonyi people have judged the elections in the favour of APC because of the Governor's intimidating sterling achievements and the credibility of our candidates. Be informed that Right Honourable Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru is your next Governor. All other candidates will also be returned elected in few months to come". 

"Ebonyi people will enjoy more dividends of democracy under the APC led Government".

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