OPINION: Ebonyi North Senatorial Seat And It's Mistake Of Inheritance

From  Austin Nwite

Ahead of 2019 general elections, I had written an open letter to senator Sam Egwu reminding him and the entire Ebonyi North Senatorial constituents why Sam should return home. Our best then was unable to unseat him as he leveraged on the Devine mandate of Governor Umahi to excel at the expense of the wishes of the voters and the people. Uncle Sam therefore, broke protocol and made indelible history in Ebonyi North Senatorial District as the first man to hold the position for two tenures of four years each. No problems, for he just set a precedence.

 Senator Sam has always been quoted for boasting to become a life senator. His unrepentant resolve to return to the Senate in 2023 has vindicated and proven the assertion feasible in his mind. The system of politics in this side has not been made so, therefore such move could be described as a dead mission to accomplish.

Senator Sam is a good and a successful man but he is becoming greedy to the people's liking. He should be a better man by letting the younger generation experience the task and hobbies in the red chamber because the world knows the seat is not an inheritance.

Again, a successful man is the man who raises those who will replicate his good work even when he is not there. If Sam will be in the Senate for life, how will he raise and nurture others that will replace him when he is no more.

Besides, the forthcoming general elections will produce the 9th senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from Ebonyi North Senatorial District. Those who have taken turns include:
1. Senator Nguji Ngele--- Abakaliki LGA
2. Senator Dr. Polycarp Nwite-- Abakaliki LGA
3. Senator Chris Nshi-- Abakaliki LGA
4. Senator Andrew Nwankwo-- Izzi LGA
5. Senator Chris Nwankwo-- Izzi LGA
6. Senator Anthony Agbo-- Ohaukwu LGA
7. Senator Dr. Sam Egwu-- Ohaukwu LGA
8. Senator Dr. Sam Egwu-- Ohaukwu LGA
Note that the list is not arranged in order of tenures but LGAs. Ebonyi North Senatorial District is made up of:
1. Abakaliki LGA
2. Ebonyi LGA
3. Izzi LGA
4. Ohaukwu LGA

A right thinking fellow should be asking why Ebonyi LGA is missing in the list of tenure participation. Could it be that Ebonyi LGA lacks men of integrity and capacity for the seat? Or that people of the LGA inexperienced and unwilling to represent the constituents? Far be these questions.
Ebonyi LGA is full of men and women of high intellectuals, proven integrity and capability to represent the good people of Ebonyi North Senatorial District better than the past and the present.

Our humility and fairness should not be taken for timidity and cowardice.
Any man or woman outside Ebonyi LGA seeking for our mandate to represent us in the red chamber needs to be checked psychologically. Enough is enough. What we need is everybody's support. 

PDP has failed Ebonyi LGA but APC in its spirit of equity and fair play has answered our long time prayers by giving us a man of all seasons who is more fit than any to take turn in the Senate representation. 

Chief Barr. Onyekachi Peter Nwebonyi is the man for the job. He is a servant leader. He listens to his master and obeys the last command of his boss. APC is the code. Know this and know the truth.

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