Widows Rendered Homeless OverAlleged Demolition of Family House By Brother In-Laws

Mkpuma Enyinna, Abakaliki

Following the alleged demolition of family house by brother in-laws,two widows, Mrs.Ogeri Agbi, Margret and their children have been rendered homeless in Ezi Agbi, Ukpa Community in Afikpo North local Government Area of Ebonyi State over ownership of family house.

In a visit to the scene of the incident at Ezi Agbi, Ukpa Community, it was observed that part of the family house including the fence and the properties inside were all destroyed.
Speaking with one of the affected widows, Mrs.Margret Agbi lamented that she has never seen that kind of thing before and cannever believe that her brother in-law,  could do such a thing to them.

She alleged that the boys that demolished the building and destroyed their properties were hired by Azubuike Agbi lamenting that the find it difficult to see a place to lay their head, calling on government to come for their rescue. 

"You have seen how the world is.We don't have anybody to come for our rescue nor to speak for us.I have never seen this kind of thing in my life time.I never new that the children of my husband's brother could demolish our house for no just cause.

"The destroyed the building including the properties inside the house.All our cushion chairs, bed, fan, Television, lamp,kitchen utensils,my wrappers and other things were all destroyed.
"I want government to come to our rescue. You can see how we are struggling to earn a living.We are only surviving by God's Grace", 

Mrs.Agbi lamented.
In the same vein, her co-wife, Mrs.Ogeri Agbi  cried out that their husband died long ago and they have been managing to earn a living until when her brother in-law served them notice to packout of the compound saying that the have been living peacefully over the years until when they came and told them of their intention to rebuild the building which the started with their own portion and later migrated to their side and demolished it.
``As you can see, our husband died some years ago.It is my brother in-law that came and destroyed the only house where we are living. The gave us notice to pack out.

``We have been living peacefully in this compound until when they came and told us that the want to rebuild their own side of the building and later migrated to our own side, and demolish it.
``This thing happened on 26th July, 2022.My husband, Egwu Agbi owns this building.My late  husband and his brother inherited this building from their mother and was divided for both of them to live.
``The issues we had with them in the past was settled by Ukpa Community where the divided the compound into two;one side was giving to my husband while his elder brother has one side.And We have no issue recently that could warrant this type of wickedness.
On his part, one of the widow's children, Mr.Agbi Anelechi while reacting on the matter, stated that the building is a family compound which his father Egwu Agbi and Okwa Agbi  inherited from their grandmother and have lived there for years but unfortunately,their cousin brother, Azubuike Agbi came and claimed ownership of the compound and served them notice to packout saying that the compound belongs to them.

He further explained that his cousin hired some group of boys on 18th July, 2022 led by Mr.Heart Okwa to come and demolish the building but following the alarm raised by an Okada rida, the ran away.Also, on 26th July, 2022 those boys came again with all manner of weapons such as matchet, axe, gun among others and  succeeded in demolishing part of the building including the fence and the properties inside it.

He therefore called on government and none Governmental Organizations to come to their rescue and ensure that the perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted.
When contacted for his reaction over the allegation,Mr.Heart Okwa said he won't react over the issue until he knows the people that reported him.

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