Ebonyi APC Guber Candidate Assures Waring Communities of Lasting Peace

By Celestine Okeh, Abakaliki

Speaker of Ebonyi state House of Assembly and APC Gubernatorial Candidate for the 2023 general election, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru on Friday, assured the people of Abomege in Onicha Local Government Area that he will ensure speedy resolution of the lingering boundary crises between them and Isinkwo people to pave way for the restoration of lasting peace in the area.

Chief Nwifuru stated this during a visit by the leaders of the community led by Chief Chidozie Igwe.

Speaking during the visit, the leader of the delegation and a former Special Assistant to the Governor on Industrial Cluster (South), Chief Chidozie Igwe, congratulated Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru on his emergence as the All Progressives Congress (APC) Gubernatorial Candidate of Ebonyi State. He registered their absolute support for him, as elections draw near, even more as Izzi and Abaomege people are one. 

“Abaomege people are Izzi people in diaspora. You’re our own. We know elections are still in 2023, but this is our own and as such, we must take the frontline charge before others will join. That’s why we, the Abaomege people are here today, to tell you that you’re our son, brother and father. This project is our project, so we’ll take the frontline charge. We are solidly behind you and we’ll give you our votes one hundred percent.”

In his response, Rt. Hon. Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru expressed his happiness over their visit, but registered his disappointment at the divisions amongst them in the area, as well as the communal crisis between them and Isinkwo community. He promised to put all of it to a stop as Governor. 

“I am happy today, not because you’ve come to congratulate, support or felicitate with me, but because, my fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children are here to visit me. History taught us that Abaomege and Agba people are from Izzi. So, I am extremely delighted to have you all here today.

“My point of disappointment today about Abaomege people is the issue of division and backbiting amongst you. This has resulted to lack of adequate elective positions for your people. For instance, the issue of an Abaomege person to represent the people of Onicha East State Constituency at Ebonyi State House of Assembly is not realisable, because you’re a divided house and politics is a game of number. This is so disheartening to me each time I remember it.” 

“Furthermore, the communal crisis between Isinkwo and you people has not helped in any way. This present administration has done marvellously well in putting an end to the crisis. I can’t be a Governor and there will be anything like communal war. As you go home, have it in your mind that this crisis will end. Secondly, proper demarcation will be done in the area under dispute. We’ll create a distinct road network to demarcate the two sides of the divide, so that if anyone crosses over to the other side to ferment trouble, then it will be a clear case of declaring war against the Government. 

“So as you go home, I urge you to ensure you put your house in order, and learn to respect your leaders. I thank Chief Chidozie Igwe, very highly and Chika Nwangele, for the
your leadership roles in Abaomege", he concluded. 

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