Unearthing The Quantum Leaps Of Chief Ike Cletus Nga (Onwa Ishiagu)

History will be fair to every Ishiaguans who sees the truth and says the truth. It was during the time of Onwa Ishiagu as the Town union President that Ishiagu community had a feel of good Leadership.

In his avow to maintain and sustain various human empowerment programs, Chief Nga installed and made a lot of people without projecting himself for those positions. During the battle of who becomes the pioneer Chairman of Echiele DC, it was Chief Nga that ensured the coming on board Arc. Onu. And so many people that are numerous to mention.

Ishiagu shopping plaza is the one of the only project that one can look up and say that "there was ICDU". The journey of building that Plaza which has given that environment a good and business look in Ishiagu was not an easy task. Even with the common resources that was readily available, several forces stood his was but to the glory of God, Onwa surpassed them all. Today, it is a legacy project.

Today, Onwa is the most qualified candidate for the upcoming election in Ivo LGA. He has a distinguished himself both in human and physical infrastructural development and lots has fallen on him to lead the good people of Ivo LGA to their expected height. As a business man, he has helped a lot of people to achieve stability in their businesses.

In a fair conclusion, Onwa will not come and be promising you heaven and earth which may not be realizable but will align himself with the good principle of the state government. Some of which includes adequate security, numerous empowerments, peace and every other good thing that the state has in stock for the LGA.

#SupportChiefIkeCletusNga for Ivo LGA Chairman.
#SupportEngrIgboke for Rep OHANIVO Federal constituency
#SupportFON for Governor of Ebonyi State.
#SupportDaveUmahi for president.

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