'Rejected Freelancer, Charles Ogbu Consumed In His Cheap Blackmail Against Umahi'

The National Youth Leader of Ohanaze Ndigo Worldwide, Mazi Damian Okafor have ventilated his anger at what he described as cheap blackmail allegedly peddled by one Charles Ogbu against the Chairman of the Southeast Governors' Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Nweze Umahi.

Mazi Okafor in a statement made available to journalists on Tuesday in Abakaliki, said his attention has been drawn to "the mischievous and delinquent lies peddled against the Governor of Ebonyi State by a loathed and spurned freelancer, Mr Charles Ogbu, trying to mention his name in the recent insecurity challenges that occurred in Anambra State."

The Igbo Youth leader further said: "It is quite unfortunate that someone like Charles Ogbu who knew the ethics of journalism could condescend so low to play with delicate issues of such nature. What a cheap way of seeking attention.

"For record purposes, if any Igbo Leader has done half of what Governor David Nweze Umahi has done to forestall the occurrences of insecurity in the South East, it would have been nipped in the bud. He is among the rare Igbo Leaders with foresight who saw the present insecurity situation of the southeast from the onset and initiated the political solution that everyone is persuading the federal government to embrace. He has organized several meetings with the leaders of thought within and outside Igbo Land to ensure that permanent peace return to the region. In one of his special avow to restore peace in the region, He, being the chairman of the Southeast Governors Forum alongside many other Igbo Leaders and the Federal Government delegation has convened a meeting at the Lion House of Enugu where several workable solution approaches were reached to make the issue of insecurity in southeast a history. Even though those approaches were deeply politicized, He has used his relationship with the Federal Government to increase the strength of security personnel serving in the region.

"Just like you (Mr Charles Ogbu) foolishly asked, "why is the arson of public facilities not going on in Ebonyi State like other places". This is one question that is so divisive, alienating, estranging, isolating and schismatic. It is capable of discouraging anyone from making a meaningful contribution to the state of things. By the way, who told you that those things never happened in Ebonyi State? Why did you decide to show the world how inept, crude, awkward and maladroit you can be without anyone asking for that? Who told you that the blame game can fetch you any solution to this monster consuming southeast? 

"What we should be thinking about now is the way forward because we are all victims of insecurity. We should rather approach the Governor of Ebonyi State to ask him what he has done differently to manage the situation in his state. For all I care, you cannot force this situation to a stop but you can manage it. Governor Umahi is the only Southeast Governor that has kept his pact in the recruitment of Southeast Security Outfit called Ebube Agu and ensured that they are operating in every nook and cranny of the state thereby creating Jobs for the Youths. He has also organized several town hall meetings where the issues of security are mostly discussed. Don't rule out that those people involved in this dastardly act are those Youths who are in one way or the other frustrated with their means of livelihood, No wonder Governor has made empowerment the Hallmark of His administration. The many infrastructural facilities being built in Ebonyi State by the Governor are devoid of capital flight thence empowering the many youths involved in the constructions. Think of what Governor Umahi has done differently to engage the Youths of Ebonyi State in Agro business through the various Agric Empowerment programs. Think of the Youthful administration the Governor is running. This and many more are the strategies He has used to engage the youth from being part of that carnage.

"The study has shown that it is absolutely difficult for someone to come from another state to cause mayhem in your state without the collaboration of the indigenes of that affected state. How have the leaders in your place engaged the Youths to ensure that they did not only participate in causing mayhem in the state but also resist external people from doing that?

"While I invite the general public to disregard the careless, incautious, slovenly and amateurish inciting statements made by Mr Charles Ogbu against the Chairman of the South-East Governors Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, I also call on the security agencies to help in tackling fake news for it has destroyed our society more than ever. If anyone has the solution to the challenges afoot, he can offer it without necessarily cajoling the leaders."

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