Checklist For All APC Aspirants

1. The Aspirants must be registered party members with registration slips as evidence of registration.

2. The Aspirants must be very sure he/she has attained the the required statutory age as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Electoral, 2022.
3 The Aspirant must not be on any mandatory National service that prohibits he/she from contesting for public office, E.g NYSC.

4 The Aspirant must possess GENUINE, AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL & NON CONFLICTING educational qualifications and other relevant documents as required under law.NB: The Minimum qualification for contesting for public office in Nigeria under our laws is School Leaving Certificate and others ranges from SSCE, Diploma,NCE, HND, Degree, Masters,Ph.D.

5 Aspirants must make honest disclosure of his real name as contained in his/her Birth Certificate, Declaration o Age, Academic Certificate(s), Indigene Letter, National Identity Card, Voters Card, Drivers License, International Passport etc for fear of contradictions in public documents that might be use against an Aspirant.
6. Tax Clearance is really not a legal impediment but as responsible citizen is good an Aspirant is up to date in paying his/her tax.

7. Payment of party dues and charges is mandatory under the APC constitution and must be comply by Aspirants.

8. Aspirants must ensure that their Nomination Forms are attested by Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths.

9. Aspirants must submit their.
completed nomination/ expression of interest form within the period stated therein the released Time Table.

10. Aspirants must approach the screening committee with all the original or genuine documents already submitted with completed forms.

11. Aspirants are advise to have a coloured photocopies of completed nomination/ expression of interest forms.

12. The Aspirants must not be under any legal impediment e.g an ex-convict by any competent court in Nigeria or outside Nigeria, or a declared bankrupt by any court in Nigeria and outside.And must not be a known member of a secret cult.

13. Section 84(12) on Aspirants or Delegates as political appointees though subject of litigation before the Court of Appeal for now is worthy of paying attention to.

14. It is also trite that Aspirants must disclosed all their academic qualifications while filling the nomination form.

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