Ebubeagu Not Responsible For Attack On Abia Onyike's House -- SA Security

The Special Assistant to the Governor on Internal Security, Hon Eze Panchris Ikechukwu, (POWER) have debunked the allegation that the Ebubeagu South East Security Outfit, Ebonyi state Command was responsible for the attack on Abia Onyike's house in Abakaliki.

In a press statement made available to Journalist in Abakaliki, Eze said,

"Our attention has been drawn to a report circulating in the social media and credited to Chief Abia Onyike on alleged attack on his house situates at No 1 Abia Onyike's close off Onwe Road on the early hours of Friday 11th March,2022 by members of the Ebubeagu South East Security,Ebonyi State Command on the order of His Excellency,the Governor, on a mission to assassinate him.

"While we would have ignored the report as Chief Onyike's usual antics and penchant to make unguarded and frivolous allegations to incite the undiscerning public against the State Government,but for the security concerns raised in such wicked allegations and wrong signals sent to the Public not only to impinge on the character and image of His Excellency,the Governor, but to escalate the already tensed security situation in the country,we settled for intelligence report before making public statement on the matter.

"That it is on record that Ebonyi state is the only State in South East that has been able quel the issue of sit at home, courtesy of Ebubeagu.

"We therefore,urge members of the public to discountenance the frivolous allegations by Chief Abia Onyike as neither the Ebubeagu corps nor the State Government had any hand in what happened in his house.

"We wish to further reiterate that Ebubeagu was set up to compliment the efforts of the Security Agencies in Crime Control in the State and not for Political witch-hunt and those fighting against its establishment wants a return to the past when the State was characterized by all forms of crime and criminality, including political hooliganism.

"We request the security Agencies to invite Chief Abia Onyike to assist them carry out further and thorough investigation into his plan to cause public unrest and destabilize the State Government".

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