Church Took My Wife — Anglican Priest Says As He Tenders His Resignation

Rev Canon Lumen Cristi Eboh, a priest of the Anglican communion in Anambra State, has resigned as an ordained priest of the church. 

Speaking at a press briefing in Awka, on Monday, March 7, the cleric accused some forces in the church of separating him from his wife, and quartered her at an undisclosed place.

He specifically accused his diocesan, Bishop Owen Nwokolo, of w!tch-hunt and land grabbing, and an attempt to arm-twist him into making him a member of the board of a ministry he founded privately.

Eboh who owns a charismatic congregation and prayer ministry known as God in Action Adoration Ministry cited har#ssment, instigation and conspiracy by the diocesan authorities of the Anglican Diocese as reasons for his resignation.

According to him, “As I speak, my wife is living differently in an apartment paid for by someone who knows that she is someone’s wife. I am only a priest permitted by my communion to enter the sacred institution of marriage. 

As a married man, I had very private moments with my wife and we shared endearing words just like every young couple. With the cr#sh of my marriage, I have sought to reorder my life, but those fi#hting me have even sent young women here in an attempt to use prospects of marriage to malign my character and reputation.”

Eboh, a radio and televangelist, noted that his involvement in charismatic activities was at the centre of his confl!ct with the Bishop, who he accused of high handedness, inti#idation and conspiratorial mani#ulations, leading to his decision to resign.

He also accused the bishop of insisting that the registered trustees of the adoration ministry be altered to include the bishop and his wife, a condition he resisted on the basis that God did not reveal the bishop to him as a vessel in the ministry.

He alleged that his refusal to include the Bishop as trustee as demanded and to hand over landed property of the adoration

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