Opinion; PDP Not The Opposition Ebonyians Want -- Ogbuatu

A viable opposition remains a tool to curtail and check the excesses of the ruling party in a democratic setting, and it’s what Ebonyians expect from the PDP since the party tilted into opposition in Ebonyi State. The odd phenomenon of endless press releases from the PDP is gradually making the party a social club rather than a political party with a fading capacity to slug it with the APC in any elections in Ebonyi State.

We in the APC cannot deny the seething noise in the conventional and the new media space, intermittently oozing from the seemingly perforated umbrella family in Ebonyi State, which has raised questions such as — Is the several attempts to use the media to criminalize the APC where the strength of the party lies? Why has the party gone so visionless that they do not discuss issues that border on the policies of the ruling party in the state? Perhaps the party is still enmeshed in discussing crimes because of what it knows best and has retained its maxim, which it deploys to shoulder itself to power.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi State was alive to her opposition role when it was in opposition in the state. The party remained focused and frontally attacked the policies of the government that had adverse effects on the citizenry, and not attacks on the individuals as seen today from PDP. While the PDP was smoking against the APC, several of us in the opposition then were in hiding most times and disguised in public squares to avert the venom from the PDP goons.

The PDP’s volcanic press conferences are not what Ebonyians expect. It  alludes to the fact that opposition is fading away in Ebonyi State.  Only a fading or weak opposition Political Party resorts to name-calling like PDP is doing.

Today, the PDP social media avengers have absorbed the lesson that attacking, belittling, and threatening the APC is a way to draw attention and fight for a cause. The party seems to take pleasure in provocations and cheap  personal attacks emanating from its media angle, which has substantially infested the party on all fronts across the state.

Ebonyians need/want a viable opposition party with a robust role. PDP seems to have lost this role and is unaware of this very fact. Until the party realizes that Ebonyians are not interested in endless name-calling but actions that can change lives, it will continue to meander on the fringes of false hope of having the support of Ebonyians.

As a ruling party today in Ebonyi State,  Governor killed opposition in the state through his honest leadership style and modest achievements in the State, though as a ruling party, we will not celebrate the sudden death of PDP in the State as a result of the defection of Governor Umahi but  will always encourage other Political parties in the state to rise up to their responsibilities.

APC Ebonyi State call on Ebonyians to continue to support our Progressive Governor, His Excellency, Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi Fnse, fnate, do not allow the film tricks of PDP get into your heads because PDP in Ebonyi State has gone into Oblivion.

Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad is the
State Publicity Secretary APC, Ebonyi State

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