Nigeria Needs Leader Like Governor Umahi ---NSE President

The National President of Nigeria Society of Engineers, Alhaji Babagana Mohammed has commended Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State for the infrastructural achievements in the State and described the transformation as unprecedented.

Alhaji Babagana made the commendation on Tueesday at the new Executive Council Chambers, Ochoudo Centenary City, Abakaliki, during a courtesy call on Governor David Umahi by the leadership of the body.

Bamanga noted that the Nation requires the transformation ingenuity of Governor Umahi to address its peculiar challenges, prayed for the sustenance of the legacy projects of Governor Umahi after 2023.

“Your Excellency, we have gone round Ebonyi State, we saw your roads, we saw Ebonyi mall, we were at Edda, I will never forget that name, we were thinking that project is a Federal Government project, we were told it is a State Government project and that flyover is ongoing, it is a masterpiece, it has never happened anywhere in Nigeria, in fact, it has never happened anywhere in Africa.

“If every Nigeria Governor or Leader should think in that perspective, I think we will have a story to tell shortly, the world will come down to where we are and people will take lessons from us.

“Umahi, we want to call you Umahi of Nigeria because Umahi has passed Ebonyi, Umahi has passed Ebonyi level but for us, we are very happy, that is what we want to see in every part of Nigeria. Now to the people of Ebonyi, you are very lucky, you are very lucky because history is being made and you are part of history.

“I want to tell you, find a means of certificating the Engineers working in your projects, other States now do not need to go to China to look for manpower, if you are looking for flyover, don’t go to China, come to Ebonyi and they will give you Engineers. All these are there because one man is so committed and wants them to be there.

“We are engaging relevant stakeholders to undertake repair, refurbishment, and replacement of deteriorated Engineering teaching and learning facilities in tertiary institutions to improve the quality of Engineering education and training. Development of Nigerian Codes and Standards and Ethics of professional practice in the country. Special Ad-hoc Committee on Power set up to holistically study the lingering power supply problem in the country and come up with a comprehensive position paper on sustainable and long-lasting solutions. The Committee is made up of eminent Nigerian power Engineers. The Committee has completed its assignment satisfactorily and submitted its report to NSE. A formal position paper is being prepared to be submitted to Government. Advocacy on Regional Economic Development: created an advocacy platform for exploitation and harnessing of regional resources endowments for rapid regional economic development through collaboration among government, academia, and industry in each region. The various regional study and planning teams have since started work with clearly defined Terms of Reference: The advocacy program is aimed at encouraging State governments to look inwards to exploit and harness their natural resources endowments through the organized private sector using technologies developed by tertiary institutions.”
Earlier, Governor David Umahi while receiving his professional colleagues
thanked them for coming and urged them to offer their professional ingenuity in fixing the country’s Various challenges.

Governor Umahi called for the institutionalization of a compulsory one-year training course for young Engineers to build the capacity of future Engineers in the Country.

The Governor announced the donation of a facility at the Silicone Valley Ochoudo Centenary City Abakaliki for the takeoff of the one-year compulsory training for the young Engineers.

The Governor set up a committee headed by Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Kenneth Ugbala and Commissioner for Investment, Mrs. Chioma Nweze as Secretary to interface with the Nigeria Society of Engineers for the timely takeoff of the compulsory one-year training program.

“I want to say that I am so honored to have you in Ebonyi State, it is an honor we will not forget, we will not joke with. For me the development of any State, the development of any Nation starts with Engineers and ends with Engineers, even if it is medicine, if you do not have the medical equipment manufactured by the Engineers you will not move and any serious State that wants to start must start with Engineers.

“The training of Engineers are quite different, an Engineer is trained not to look at money. As an Engineer when you start looking for money the Engineering Profession will leave you and you will be so exposed.

” We don’t really have control of our Engineers, even concrete finishers or what they call messin in some States answer Engineers. Buildings are being erected without the stamp of the Engineers. People are practicing without the mandate of the Council and this shouldn’t be”

“I don’t know what is making us not to have the same kind of retraining as the Lawyers. How many of the Engineers that are trained in the Universities know what is grade 25 concrete? This Nation can never develop unless the Nigeria Society of Engineers and Council for the Regulation of Engineers rise to the challenges we are facing today. Today the cost of projects is the highest all over the world and it is dangerous.

“We can say no to quacks, you cannot practice if you are not an Engineer, if you do that without proper registration, the person has to be in jail because of the law we will have to work together to enact.”

The Governor also called for collaboration with the Society to provide requisite technical support for the upcoming Universities of Aeronautic Engineering and Technology and ICT as well as the International Airport in the State.

The Governor was joined in receiving the Nigeria Society of Engineers by members of the State Executive Council.

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