RE: 2023: Former SGF Anyim Others Reassures PDP Members In Ebonyi State

It is hilarious to read a reportage on an online stable anchored by Akalicious on 19th September, 2021 where Chief Anyim Pius Anyim and other deceitful leaders and Stakeholders of the remnants of the PDP in Ebonyi State tried desperately to console what is left of their members with the deception that their party will "reclaim Ebonyi State in 2023". 

When apolitical citizens perceive politics as "a dirty game" and choose to live in political apathy, it is simply because of deceitful politicians like Anyim and his co-travelers who cannot tell their followers the truth and save the apolitical from such erroneously mindset from which the see politics as "a dirty game", whilst it is the deceptive players of politics like Anyim and his gang of liars that are dirty.

Imagine Anyim and others telling a demoralized membership that a totally emasculated political party like the PDP will reclaim Ebonyi State in 2023 without also telling them how they intend to achieve that, considering the fact that the PDP in Ebonyi State exists only on the pages of newspapers and on social media where it's leadership relish peddling fake news and useless propaganda as life-support for its existence. Psychologists describe it as delusions of grandeur and this is exactly what Anyim and his co-travelers are suffering now and which they have infected other members of their comatose PDP in Ebonyi State. Don't be part of this affliction; say no to the indoctrination of Anyim and co.

That aside, talking about "reclaiming Ebonyi State",  a politician of Anyim's standing should be ashamed of himself that at his level in politics he is talking about reclaiming Ebonyi State in 2023, while his mates in politics like Senator Ken. Nnamani are talking about producing a Nigerian Executive President of Igbo extraction, come 2023. This shows how backward Anyim has become and no wonder the people following him today are backward politically.

Besides, Governor Umahi whom Anyim and his deluded group of rag-tag PDP are fighting in Ebonyi State will be through with his full legitimate tenures as Governor of Ebonyi State in 2023, hence he is leading the agitation for a Nigerian Executive President of Igbo extraction at the centre whilst Anyim, Egwu, Ogba, Odefa, etc who claim to be "older than him in politics"; who also claim they "made him Governor", remain local 'champions'. This is why Governor Umahi is already talking about Nigeria, while they are talking about Ebonyi State. The first shall indeed be the last and it is already happening in Ebonyi State with Governor Umahi blazing the trail in the agitation for a Nigerian Executive President of Igbo extraction, while Anyim and co are busy pursuing narrow parochial interests in Ebonyi State.

Be that as it may, politics; they say is local. Let's therefore play it local here. With what will Anyim and his co-travelers reclaim Ebonyi State with? Is it with propaganda and fake news and incitement of crisis or instigation of insecurity in Ebonyi State that they will reclaim Ebonyi State with? With what will they reclaim Ebonyi State when their party leadership at all levels is in disarray; when the leadership of their party in Ebonyi State exist only in exile and when the National Assembly Members of their party are Abuja urban guerrillas? Laughable.

It is more laughable that Anyim and co believe that the PDP of yesteryears is still the PDP of today. This shows that the former SGF is not even conscious of what is happening around him. Hence, he is yet to come to the realization that the present PDP in Ebonyi State lacks the structure and capacity to reclaim Ebonyi State following Governor Umahi's connection of the State to the center which heralded massive followership of the masses o Ebonyians which  remains unprecedented in the political annals of the State.

Nonetheless, why is Anyim too particular about reclaiming Ebonyi State when he failed to empower Ebonyians even those of his immediate community when he was President of the Senate and SGF at different times? He has forgotten how funds were sourced from individuals and groups to procure nomination form for him to contest the Ebonyi South Senatorial Seat in 1999. Even as President of the Senate and SGF at different times; Ayim couldn't construct the road that leads to his house. It was the Ebonyi State Government that built the road for him in his honour and installed streetlight and powering same for him. In his immediate Community too, Anyim is the only one that has and lives in a modern day edifice. At a glance one can see this edifice surrounded by mud and thatched houses, indicating that he is surrounded by the poor whom he has refused to better their lot due to his stinginess. It is this same stinginess that made Anyim favour only members of his family whenever Governor Umahi gave him slots for political appointment as a major stakeholder in the state. Before Anyim could reclaim Ebonyi State from the APC, let him first reclaim the people around him from abject poverty. This is when anybody can take him seriously.

Again, Anyim talks about reclaiming Ebonyi State as if he loves Ebonyians more than the love they have for themselves. Perhaps, he has forgotten his years of terror as President of the Senate when he recruited able-bodied Ebonyi youths into thuggery and how they lost their lives in their defence of him against Governor Sam Egwu over their war of supremacy in Ebonyi State at the time. The blood of those youths killed in their thuggery expedition while Anyim and Egwu's children were studying comfortably abroad, still cry for vengeance and the duo must face the wrath of nemesis and it won't be too long.

The same Anyim who wants to reclaim Ebonyi State rapaciously annexed several hundreds of thousands of hectares of land belonging to the poor masses of Ivo LGA like wicked King Ahab of Israel. Anyim should read the works of Napoleon Hill on the consequences of taking over what belongs the poor and repent from his evil ways. Of course, he is a Christian and need not be told of what befell King Ahab in the bible for forcefully taking over the land of Naboth.

 Anyim claims to be "highly experienced" in the game of politics and has the capacity to install a Governor, but he doesn't even know whom his ward councillor is and neither has he been able to win in his polling unit in any election. This is a man who is assuring his members who will soon desert him that he will reclaim Ebonyi State. Very ridiculous indeed!

This same Anyim who brags about with his over bloated ego that he is "a rich man and even richer than Nigeria from the money he looted from the Centenary City, has forgotten how Governor Umahi salvaged him from the jaws of the EFCC where he almost bled to death through his nose over cases bothering on the looting of several millions of naira from the Centenary City project. If Governor Umahi was not more mature than him and Egwu, there would have been a reenactment of the Anyim-Egwu ugly scenario in Ebonyi State today and many lives would have been lost the way lives were lost when the same Anyim fought Egwu between 1999 and 2007. This is because instead of being grateful to Governor Umahi, he has chosen the path of war as it is characteristic of him and when we say it will be his last battle, he will start weeping because we said so. The truth is that the present generation of Ebonyi State will never allow Anyim plunge the state into another round of crisis that will consume the precious life of our youths.

It is also unfortunate and degrading that while other former Nigeria Senate Presidents have assumed the status of statesmen in their respective states and are working tirelessly for the betterment of their State, Anyim who is known for being envious of anyother Ebonyian's rising political profile, is going about insulting  Governor Umahi and instigating his followers against the the Ebonyi State Government for his own selfish interests. He should know that his corruption case with the EFCC is still there and that he will never escape the full wait of the law when the time comes. His rescue by Governor Umahi from EFCC dungeon where he almost lost his life is just a postponement of the evil day because he cannot hide and can never escape punishment for his unbridled heist against the good people of Ebonyi State.

Assuming without conceding that Anyim and the remnants of the house of Saul do not know that the APC has taken over Ebonyi State to the point that the PDP has no where to reclaim in the State, we are sounding it for the umpteenth time so that those they are deceiving will know that they have been brainwashed to believe their lies from the pit of hell. Ebonyi State is APC in totality and anybody, telling anybody that APC will reclaim Ebonyi State in 2023 is under illusion.

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