Ebonyi APC Spokesman Hits Back At PDP Over Outburst on Gov Umahi's Defection



Reading a so-called National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, taking on Governor Umahi for dumping the PDP for the APC, is an affirmation that the PDP is indeed very terribly devastated by Governor Umahi's exit as Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, FFK, encapsulated in his pre-defection to APC interview with news men in Abuja.

We therefore thank and commend the National Leadership of the PDP for affirming FFK's words as regards the political trauma plaguing the PDP since Governor Umahi left the party with all his supporters thereby leaving the rag-tag party to wallow in imaginations. The PDP is free to make use of its imagination faculty by perceiving Governor Umahi as "an attention seeker, floating in imaginary presidential interest." Adding that "since Governor Umahi out of his personal ambition, joined the All Progressives Congress, (APC)..., he has become pathetically confused and disoriented, having realized that he joined a 'one chance bus', with strange and deceitful co-travelers".

Again, the so-called National Publicity Secretary of the PDP stated that; "it is clear that Governor Umahi is now politically floating and seeks to use an unwarranted attack on governors elected on the platform of the PDP to actualize his desperation for public relevance".

Continuing, the jaundiced National Publicity Secretary of the PDP states again; ",the PDP finds it very pathetic that, having mortgaged his conscience, over his self-confessed love for the oppressive administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Umahi is manifestly accomodating the daily incidences of killings, wanton destruction of property, kidnapping and other acts of terrorism going on in Ebonyi State and the nation at large under the APC".

Basking in his warped logic, the same senseless national spokesman of the PDP states that; "the PDP charges Governor Umahi to show his claimed commitment to the Southeast by jettisoning his personal ambition and summoning the courage to call out President Buhari for his divisiveness, injustice, incompetence, treasury looting and insecurity that have become the hallmark of his failed administration".

On zoning, the janjaweed national image maker of the deserted PDP has this to say; "our party urges Governor Umahi to focus on his fizzling APC and leave the PDP alone. By now Governor Umahi ought to know that the PDP is a party of due process and inclusiveness and that all interests within our party will collectively and peacefully take decision on zoning when the time comes".

On his concluding note, the PDP National Publicity Secretary who is obviously bereft of ideas, observes; "Governor Umahi is expected to take his stampeding agenda on zoning to his APC but he would not do so because he knows that Nigerians will vote out the APC in 2023 so as to bring an end to a life of misery, economic hardship, mass killings, terrorism and divisiveness brought to our nation by the APC".

Indeed, the PDP has lost men at all levels. The likes of Olisa Metuh are no more in the leadership of the party. What PDP has today are motor park touts who suffer poverty of ideas. The people who considered this one fit to be a National Publicity Secretary are indeed the proverbial blind people who are led by a one eyed man.

Be that as it may, the entire gamut of this  PDP press statements as earlier pointed out smacks of imaginations. While it is good to  imagine things, it is also good to know that imaginations are not reality and as such cannot be valid for any meaningful deductions.

So, from the first to the third paragraph of the PDP press statements, Kola, the publicity secretary wasted ample words on imaginations and warped conclusions. If only he knew that his guess work could not in anyway translate to accuracy of points, he would have saved himself the time and energy or better still, channel the wasted efforts to something productive.

Be that as it may, paragraph four of Kola's submissions brings to the fore the affirmation that either the PDP was directly responsible for the acts of terrorism in Ebonyi State and indeed the entire nation or that it gloried in it and sponsored it to discredit the Ebonyi State Government led by Governor Umahi and indeed the federal government led by President Buhari. Otherwise how could one explain the party's reference to insecurity in Nigeria without profering solutions. No wonder too that the PDP leadership and Stakeholders in Ebonyi State were complaining when the Ebonyi State Government and indeed the entire Southeast geopolitical zone set up the Ebubeagu Security Outfit to deal decisively with insecurity in the zone in conjunction with the nation's conventional security architecture. Why were they complaining? They didn't want insecurity to end because it was on it that they anchored their petty party politics as it gave them joy that innocent Ebonyians and Nigerians were being killed.

Nonetheless, may the PDP and its national rabble-rouser be reminded that the issue of insecurity in Nigeria which the party celebrates did not begin today. In fact, if truth must be told, insecurity started when the PDP was in power at the centre and the leadership at the time lacked the political will to confront it head-on. In fact, during that era we witnessed situations where churches and mosques were bombed almost on daily basis and scores of innocent Nigerians murdered in cold blood. Terrorists operated freely in Nigeria to the point that Abuja and Lagos were invaded with impunity and terrorist leader, Abubakar Shakur freely uploaded videos of their terrorists daily triumph. But with the coming of President Buhari, the so-called terrorists operations have been restricted to the Northeast and Northwest where they are being dealt with militarily with their bandit collaborators. Imagine what would have been of our nation if the PDP which was only interested in looting our patrimony was still in power till date! Nigerian would had long gone to the gallows.

Furthermore, paragraph five shows how envious the PDP is of Governor Umahi, mentioning "personal ambition" as if the Governor had no right to have political ambition and accusing the President of divisiveness, injustice, incompetence, treasury looting and insecurity without substantiating any with facts and figures.

More so, in paragraph six, the obviously confused national spokesman of the PDP uses the adjectival phrase "fizzling APC" for our great party. That is the height of irony, considering the fact that it is the PDP that is fizzling with the gale of defections that has hit the party since November, 2020 when Governor dumped it and moved on. Of a truth, the PDP has never been so devastated in our democratic anals following the exit of Governor Umahi to the point that it is being projected by political analysts that with the rate of massive defection of members of the party to the APC, there may be no PDP again before 2023. I also put it to him that his claim of the PDP being a party of "due process and inclusiveness..." is false, deceptive and misleading. If it were so, why was Ali Odefa imposed on the Southeast Zone as the party NVC and why was Uche Secondus stampeded out of office by a cash and carry court order and why are members of the party, including top government functionaries leaving the party in droves? The latest being Chief Femi Fani-Kayode who had earlier disclosed in an interview with newsmen that all was not well with the PDP. Let me make it categorically clear here too that Governor Umahi has the right to agitate for a Nigerian Executive President of Igbo extraction, come 2023 and he doesn't need the permission of the PDP to do so neither will he plead with the PDP to zone the Presidency to the Southeast.

It is laughable too that in his last paragraph Kola behaved like the little bird; "nza" which challenged its "chi" to a fight after overfeeding itself in another man's farm by saying that "Nigerians will vote out the APC and usher in the PDP in 2023". With what will the PDP vote out the APC? How is it possible for a political party that is completely decimated vote out a ruling party that is consolidating more grounds on daily basis? That is the height of delusions of grandeur. Kola and his PDP should also be reminded that the life of misery, economic hardship, mass killings, terrorism and divisiveness which he attributed to the APC in his closing sentence were inflicted on Nigerians by the PDP through mass looting of the national treasury, kid gloves treatment of Boko Haram terrorists, ethnicity and whatnot.

Nevertheless, Governor Umahi has not declared interest to contest the Presidency and the PDP is already jittery. One wonders what the party will do in the event that the Governor declared such interest as great Nigerian patriots and leaders are clamouring and urging him to make himself available for the position of president, come 2023. And when it happens, the likes of Kola who could not even win elections in his polling unit cannot stop it. 

Again, Kola and his moribund PDP shot themselves in the leg by shamelessly bringing up the issue of zoning which Governor Umahi had severally challenged the PDP to effect in the Southeast and for which basis the Governor left the party. Every right thinking Nigerian knows that the PDP has failed as a political party and the possibility of the party clinching power again at the centre is an irretrievable mirage. Kola and his co-travelers are therefore advised to focus their attention on how to repair their tattered and battered PDP and leave Governor Umahi alone because the Governor did not leave with the soul of the party when he threw away the umbrella and moved to the center for the betterment of Ebonyi State and indeed the entire Southeast geopolitical zone.

If it is the wish of God that Governor Umahi will become the next president of Nigeria, there is nothing that Kola and the remnants of his PDP can do about it.

Meanwhile, it will do the PDP well to feature its first eleven for a debate with Governor Umahi on developmental issues because the challenge which the Governor threw open to the PDP penultimate week without a response from the dying political party still subsist.

Umahi is the Answer!

Ogbuatu Chidi Simbad
State Publicity Secretary APC, Ebonyi State
19th, Sept, 2021

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