Behind the mystical power of Chief Dr Nwibo Mkpuma

The healing power of Chief Dr Nwibo Mkpuma emanated from the ancient pot of medicine used by his great grand father who was a greater herbal healer in his time

Though, his father and grand father were not herbalists but one day, the pot appeared to him to be using in curing different kinds of ailments.

After long time of resistance to obey the call by Chief Dr Nwibo Mkpuma, became extraordinarily powerful immediately he accepted using the pot to heal sick people.

He uses the pot of the medicine to cure poison, stroke, epilepsy, madness, infection, gonorrhea, infertility, etc. He also specializes in making people to have business success, breaking of curses, evil spells and enhancing luck.

Chief Dr Nwibo Mkpuma narrated how he returned the pennis of a man, being collected by an evil-man.

The affected person, according to Dr Mkpuma, ran to him and he then fought with the evil man and collected his spiritual power, before returning the pennis of that man. 

He disclosed how he detected anyone who engaged in stealing and refused to confess it out before the public. 

While commending the success stories of Chief Dr. Nwibo Mkpuma, his son, Richard, described his father's healing power as a gift from God. 

He said many testimonies have been recorded since his father started his traditional medicine practice, pointing that several difficult cases of sickness were referred to his dad.

Recall that Chief Dr Mkpuma told our correspondent that he uses herbs, shrubs and roots to heal all kinds of ailments.

You can contact Chief Dr Mkpuma Nwibo at his country home, Ugb-Enyi Iboko in Mgbalukwu Autonomous Community, Izzi LGA of Ebonyi State. Telephone - 08065467531 or 08038256832.

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