Sit-at-Home: Umahi raises alarm over adverse effects on economy, security

Ebonyi State Governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi on Tuesday
 condemned in its entirety what he called the evil forces coming from the Sit-at-Home Order by the proscibed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on every Monday even when the group has allegedly put ban on the declaration in considering its negative implications to the economy and security architectures of the  southeast  zone and the country at large.

He stated this during the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the flyover in the honour of the retiring Catholic Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese, Most Rev. Michael Nnachi Okoro at Hausa Quarters Junction in Abakaliki, the state capital.

The govenor expressed sadness over his failed efforts to attract Federal Ministry, which according to him, would have contributed lots in boosting the economic statue of the state.

He said the ministry was not allow to be in Ebonyi State as requested, due to the  the security situation of the South East zone following the Sit-at-Home Order by the IPOB and other security threats.

Umahi however, called for the intervention of the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the zone and warned that the South East people would vehemently rise against the threat if not stopped completely.

His words: "The CAN Chairman, I am happy that you are here. I think the CAN has the responsibility to help Southeast. My heart is broken  for the effort to destroy the economy of the southeast. I was talking to the  ministry that supposed to come Ebonyi State. We met and said that Ebonyi State is in a danger zone because of insecurity.

"This supposed to be performing an economic function that will help the  fortunes of the state and the same thing in all the Southeast states.  We do not know what we are doing to ourselves. I got a text message circulating that the only way to appreciate killing of three million Ibos is to kill more. That's what a human being was circulating. Another one was singing that we work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that we should give out Monday - that's very horrible. The south East people must rise up to say no to this madness. 

"Have you ever thought that we are killing ourselves in the pretence that we are fighting for ourselves? This is very dangerous, and we have to rise up to say no that.

 "I said any civil servant, contractor who fails to work on Mondays will forfiet his or her position. We can't fold our hands in our time and allow Southeast to be destroyed. We have to think about those who said that they are talking for us or fighting for us - think about them; ask them whether they are fighting about us or fighting for themselves. 

"Igbo man is not known for killing Igbo man. We brand it to be unknown gunmen, what nonsense is that? How will talk about you attacking council with all knowledge. The governors know these people are being killed are our brothers and sisters. Those who have been killing our people, the governors of Southeast will do a meeting to condemn this and we ask the security people both at the state and national levels, to step up their vigilance. 

"I think that we should get the security people in the state. People are not coming out not because of obedience but because of fear. You have enough security people to protect their lives, everybody wants come out to do business. People stayed at home was out of fear, so, security people at the national and state levels should know this, nobody should sit down and say that the southeast governors are folding their hands. The Ibos are obeying the Sit-at-Home Order,  people are merely just afraid and so we should not be branded as such. The security people must do their work. Southeast people want peace. They want to do business even on Sunday because we are business people. So, I want every voice to be put forward to condemn this high level of irresponsibility."

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