Activist faults EFCC arresting jobless graduates into Yahoo biz

In this piece, an Ebonyi State Public Affairs Commentator and Social Media Activist, Mr Nwoba Chika Nwoba (NCN) faulted the arrest of the suspected internet fraudsters by Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC in Ebonyi and Enugu States few days ago.

The Public Commentator on his confirmed social media page opined that the jobless graduates among Yahoo boys being arrested by EFCC should be freed.

Nwoba writes: EFCC arrested 37 yahoo boys in Abakaliki day before yesterday and took them away. One of the persons arrested is from my village. The guy graduated and completed his NYSC in 2019. Since then there has been no employment opportunity. What he's doing in an apartment known to be a hiding place for yahoo boys in Abakaliki is what I can't tell.

Nigeria Government should spare some of these guys who are graduates but no jobs for them with automatic employment. It's the responsibility of government to provide employment for our school leavers. Where none is available for a graduate, what does the government expect next from them? If this guy whose father is only but a primary school teacher had employment, what would he be doing in a hive of cyberspace fast fingers? 

And I believe that those who had some cash with them might have sorted themselves out at the spot of arrest or somewhere as the journey was on. It's those who couldn't afford such that might have been taken away judging by the corrupt exploits of our security agents. I have rung the guy's phone number but was switched off. I am bothered about his condition. I don't know where to start looking for him. I don't know whether it's Abuja or Enugu that they were taken to. But whichever place it is, I must set out for his whereabouts. I don't know his connection with the guys, but for the fact he's from my place, I will look for him wherever he's kept.


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