2023: Muslim Community endorses Governor Umahi for Presidency


The Muslim Community in Ebonyi State has endorsed Governor David Nweze Umahi for the presidential position of Nigeria come 2023 following his track records in his present office.

The Muslim faithfuls made the endorsement on Tuesday in Abakaliki during  their Sallah homage to the state governor.

According to the State Chairman Muslim Pilgrim Board, Alhaji Abbas Egwu, the Muslim Sallah homage to the Governor was a yearly routine at every time of Eid al-Adha.

Abbas said, Muslims are grateful for what Ebonyi Governor has been doing for them in the state and prayed almighty Allah to protect him at all times.

"Your Excellency it has become tradition that Muslim community pays you a homage every time of this celebration.

"Just recently your Excellency, we're all gathered to pay you homage of Eid-el-fitir celebration. We're all smiling because you made us happy your Excellency, I remembered vividly your Excellency that we had a resolution passed which we communicated to you and your government about our agreement that you should please offer yourself to national service come 2023 - that is fresh in our mind.

"Today your Excellency, we have come not to make another resolution but to thank you for what you have been doing for us in Ebonyi State.

"Today, your Excellency is a day of saying thank you because our God says if you are not grateful, you are not a good person and you will not receive more but if you are grateful for what  have been done for you, you will receive more. 

"Your Excellency, we are grateful because you have fulfilled all the promises made to Ebonyi people. 

"Your Excellency I want to state without fear of contradiction that you have performed even more you have promised to Ebonyi people.

"Your Excellency, a friend of mine who returned from Canada two weeks ago did not know that he was in Ebonyi State, he told me frankly that he can't still believe he is at Ebonyi State he left twenty five years ago. 

"Your Excellency, we are grateful because of the security situation you put in place in the state and we are happy with the type of the people - the cream of people you have around you especially your faith keeping Deputy Governor.

"Your Excellency if our mouths were scattered all over our bodies they will not be enough to thank you for what you have been doing for Ebonyi State.  Your Excellency, What I have to tell you is, do not mind any distraction. Keep to your focus your Excellency because we know you are a special gift to the nation. We pray that Almighty Allah will keep you for further good service for this nation Nigeria," he said.

While appreciating the Muslim faithfuls for the honour, Governor David Umahi represented by his Deputy, Barr Eric Kelechi Igwe congratulated President Muhammad Buhari on this solemn occasion of Eid-el-Kabir.

He noted that the President's first tenure was seriously challenged by his health condition but through the intervention of God he overcomed the situation, because he had enormous assignments to deliver to the nation.

"We all prayed for him, and God heard our prayers, his life is not just miracle but is becoming a blessing to the nation. We are wishing him good health, longer life, more accomplishments  while serving as the leader of this great country and when he becomes ex-President," he said.

He commended the delegation of the Muslim Community for having deemed it fit to pay him a homage. 

He expressed joy that the Muslim Community in the state was completely not in support to any security threats in the state and the country at large.

Umahi described Islamic religion as a religion of peace, as according to him,  a true Muslim abhors violence and any form of criminal activities.

The governor said, it was the good conduct of the Muslim Community in Ebonyi made him to offer political appointments to some Muslims and however, advised them to be steadfast with their good manners to enable them to win more souls in the state.

He therefore, urged both all religion societies especially the Christians and Muslims in the state to sustain godly love amongst themselves and always create rooms for peaceful co-existence in their various communities while advocating one indivisible Nigeria.

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