Secret behind the factional leadership of Ebonyi State Tipper Drivers Union

Till now, the leadership of Ebonyi State Tipper Drivers Union is yet to get stable even when the state government has sued for peace by inaugurating a executive members under the watch of Emeka Ogbaga as Chairman and Emeka Nwibo as the Patron of the Union to take charge of their garage, located at opposite Margaret Umahi International Market Abakaliki.

The State Tipper Garage has suffered much pressure before it became stable since Governor David Umahi ordered all the union members to relocate to the permanent designated park.

Investigation revealed that the former leadership of the Tipper Drivers Union in the state - under the Chairmanship of Mr Paul Nwogudu,  was strongly against the state government policy directives but through the concerted effort of the Union's Patron, Comrade Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Nwibo, peace began to return to the Union and simultaneously, the other drivers in the the garage started operating peacefully.

But in the recent time, the opposition members of the Union led by Mr Paul Nwogudu whose supporters were dissolved just because of the state government's determination to stabilize the Union's leadership especially on how to ensure the successful collection of  revenue.

This development, NATIONAL PANEL learnt that the state government through the office of the Secretary to the State Government, Dr Kenneth Igwe Ugbala and Commissioner for Internal Security, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha, who  respectively dissolved the said Paul Nwogudu's leadership and installed Emeka Ogbaga's Excos under the patroniship of Comrade Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Nwibo.

NATIONAL PANEL also learnt that some of the members from the neighabouring states of Ebonyi State being the members of the union were not comfortable with the recent development, this turned against their plights to continue to pilot the affairs of the Union.

However, the said dissolved Paul Nwogudu's excos,  who were allegedly sponsored to work against the policies and programmes of the Ebonyi State, in order to frustrate the existing Union's leadership from moving forward, thereby embarking on illegal actions which degenerated security threats in the Union.

This crisis has led the opposition being sued to court but by the intervention of the state government, made the squabble got settled through the office of the Secretary to the State Government who asked Paul Nwogbodo's led Excos to give peace a chance to ensure that the said newly constituted caretaker committee leadership under the watch of Emeka Ogbaga and Comrade Emeka Nwibo did not continue to suffer any further set back.

Yet, the worst came up from the camp of the said Paul Nwogudu's supporters, following the dissolution of one Mr Isaiah Eze who was recently appointed by Governor David Nweze Umahi as his Special Assistant on Transport, that was in few days after his appointment, put the Tipper Drivers Union in the state into a serious catastrophe, as the garage became a battle field.

Though, by the intervention of God, peace later returned to the garage.

Though, there's still squabble in the park but the union's leadership has sped up action to ensure that none of its member suffers any injustice or maltreatment.

But surprisedly, unusual reports began to come to the park even when a peaceful atmosphere was seemingly took hold of the whole shore, as the opposition has resorted to wage different kinds of war against the state government's enthroned leadership.

Toeing the side of peace and unity in the state, the existing leadership of the union in the park, was reportedly continued following the path of the government policy directives but the opposition allegedly couldn't agree by giving peace a chance.

It is the opposition members kept fielding the government with a false information against their members steering their union's leadership.

However, the said government's inaugurated Caretaker committee has urged the security agencies  to intensify effort to arrest its members who has been sponsored by its brothers from the neighabouring states  to destroy the progressive agenda of the union and that of the state at large.

It recalled that Mr Paul Nwogudu and his alleged hired supporters which majority came from outside the state had allegedly used different means including  media to spread false news that the constituted caretaker committee leadership and the patronship of the union by Comrade Emeka Nwibo was imposed on them.
In anonymity, a member of the union, which is in support of the government's constituted caretaker committee said, "even upon Governor David Nweze Umahi's committed effort to end any form of crises in any part of Ebonyi  State, this few insignificant group being sponsored by people from outside the state to raise deadly dust in our terrain, have never taken government's policy directives serious.

"Proof is everywhere, in the sense that the same cream of people deviced means by hiring hoodlums to unleash meyhelm in the virgin garage built by our dear governor, by instigating crisis, which would have led to graven loses of lives and properties.

"As their deadly plan was frustrated by the divine intervention of God through our Patron, Comrade Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Nwibo, this insignificant inimical group in the Union could not allow the peaceful co-existence in the garage to continue thriving.

"For instance, the Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Chief Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru had visited the Tipper garage because of the group's false alarming information got from them, which the speaker finally found that, the information given to him by the opposition members, was totally a falsehood, and later the Speaker asked all the members of our Union to be law abiding, but his advice was twisted by the opposition group, by saying that the said speaker ordered them to go on strike.

"It was through our immediate announcement, which gave a clear interpretations of the exact message and advice of the Speaker that dumbfounded the opposition members, and without delay,  the Tipper Drivers in the state resumed work immediately and totally, we've stopped strike action as alleged.

"Still, the unnoticed group, who are standing tall to oppose everything, the new leadership of our Union is doing to ensure thrive in this park, went as far as liaising with Tipper Drivers from other states, who have been sponsoring them to lure one influential commissioner in Ebonyi State who is connected with the activities of the park, to abort the existing peace among the Tipper Drivers and as well the Union's leadership in the state.

"Every attempt by the opposition proved abortive because, at the end of their meeting with the Commissioner, whom they could buy over to the detriment to the existing leadership of our Union, even instructed to go about their normal businesses and to be law abiding till the said Commissioner would finish his assignment, but later do the contrarily, by take law into their own hands.

"This is because the said Paul Nwogudu's group, five of them to be precise, went as far as blocking the so called Afikpo road by Ebonyi International Airport junction before Onueke market in Ezza South LGA, to disrupt the Union's operative mandate by the state government,  which is  against our rules and generally, that of the state government but the security agencies have declared those involved wanted following their immediate intervention.

"This is one of the concluded plans by the opposition members in our Union to continue causing trouble so as  the Union's leadership will facing negative accusations.

"The question remains, why these few persons are not ready to give peace a chance, even though their sponsors are not from our dear state and a fooled ones from our dear state joined the already dissolved Paul Nwogudu's inimical mandate to stop the peace existing in the Union thereby spreading false information to attracting unnecessary sympathy from some government functionaries which stands chance of causing a great harm against the state government policy directives and as well our Union in this state?

"Thus, we appeal to our amiable leader, the Professor of infrastructure and a good listening governor of our dear state, His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi not to allow anybody especially the strangers who have picked some unscrupulous elements to destroy his already built landmark projects in this state, because, the strangers are hell-bent to drag the repute of this world classic leader to mud by using our people and we can't allow this dangerous plan to materialise.

"Because the so called opposition group has gone as far as not listening to anybody giving its members advice to shun anything capable of denegerating further conflict in our Union especially in our dear state, to the extent that no government officials can listen to their complain as they couldn't take every advice given to them  by even Commissioner for Internal Security, SSG and the Speaker of the state to be law abiding but decided to take law  into their hands.

"For example, going to block road by the group is a complete planned threats against the security of our people, but thank God the through the  intervention of Internal Security Commissioner who sent Ebubeagu security outfit, that foiled the deadly plan against the tippers drivers union in the state who were on their normal businesses."

Earlier before now, our correspondent also gathered that the Secretary to the State Government, on Thursday 24th March, 2021 settled the lingering crisis in the tipper drivers union by redissolving Mr Paul Nwogudu leadership and equally declared the already constituted caretaker committee by the Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace in Ebonyi, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha which is under the patronship of Comrade Emeka Nwibo to continue taking charge of the union and the tipper park management.

In anonymity, the SSG was quoted by one of our sources from the Paul Nwogudu's group to have cautioned the enemies of Ebonyi State and  their agents within the union to key into the policies and programmes of Governor David Nweze Umahi's led administration, stressing that, "any tipper driver who is not comfortable with this resolution should rather relocate to another state than being instigating crisis among Ebonyians."

The source thus, told our reporter that nothing would allow him being used by enemies of the state to work against his own state,  saying working against against Emeka Nwibo and the newly constituted caretaker committee of the union was one of the greatest mistake made in his life.

Meanwhile, avalanche of our sources who preferred their names not published have continued giving solidarity to Emeka Ogbaga's caretaker committee leadership and Emeka Nwibo as their Patron as the activities in the tipper garage move smoothly when our reporters visited the park. 

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