Ebonyi Capital City: We can't be deterred from Sensitization - Nwebonyi


The Commissioner for Capital City Development in Ebonyi State, Barr. Peter Onyekachi Nwebonyi says smear campaign cannot deter his office from Sensitizing Abakaliki, the state capital city.

Nwebonyi made the declaration in a statement issued by him, which was forwarded to NATIONAL PANEL on Saturday. 

He said that the Ministry of the Capital City Development has noted with disgust an article on an online platform which tried to smear the image of the state governor and the Honourable Commissioner for Capital City Development, Ebonyi State. 

According to the Commissioner, "the ill-crafted article, the coward author tried to make an unsubstantiated allegation of multi taxation by the state government on residents of the state. The author also poorly connected the commissioner for Capital City Development to a damaged Lexus Jeep which has no bearing to the article. 

"The article indeed is not worth any response but the mischief makers behind it need to be called out on their lies. Of course we know them.

"From the outset of this administration, the governor established a revenue appeal commission whereby taxpayers would channel their complaints and grievances regarding taxation.

"This is to ensure that no resident is overtaxed. Today, people who complain anonymously in the social media that they are being overtaxed shy away from the revenue appeal commission because they know that they are guilty of tax evasion. The Ebonyi State Revenue Appeal Commission is still existent. Anybody who has genuine complaints should channel same appropriately. 

"On the issue of the activities of the Ministry of Capital City Development, no amount of smear campaigns and sabotage will deter us in the effort to sanitize the capital city. Well-meaning Ebonyians and residents of the state capital are proud of the uncommon accomplishments of Governor David Nweze Umahi in the area of infrastructural development, and we cannot allow this simple task of maintaining orderliness overwhelm us. We can't be ruffled by the rantings of scamps whose skirmishes are to destroy the image of the present government of Governor David Umahi.

"The Ministry of Capital City Development has stated, times without number, that illegal motor parks have been closed down. But miscreants and criminal elements have vowed to defy that order. And, I want to restate here that we too have vowed to come hard on them - whoever wins. 

"Those who have penchant for criminality and disorderliness have chosen party opposition as the most viable avenue to advance their course, and the opposition leaders in Ebonyi State have accepted them since it is the only available option to play their card. 

"We closed down illegal motor parks, and loading and offloading along the roads and streets because hoodlums use that avenue to traffic drugs, arms, and ammunition. We have carried out awareness campaigns and made repeated announcements to that effect but the criminals are not giving up. Instead, they are fighting back."

He disclosed that his office has issued this directive both in the print, social, and broadcast media which read thus: 
 "In view of the rising insecurity in the country, the Ebonyi State Government has directed that all loading and offloading of vehicles within the state capital should only take place in approved public and private motor parks. This is in a bid to check movement of arms and ammunition, as well as criminal elements in and out of the state as undercover security and precautionary measures are being put in place to avert further security breaches in the state.

"To this end, all illegal and private motor parks not expressly approved by the Ministry of Capital City Development are hereby closed.

"Motorists and travellers are therefore advised to heed strictly to this directive as anyone found contravening the order will be treated as a security threat and will be prosecuted accordingly. Passengers boarding vehicles or alighting at unauthorized places, ie, any place other than the approved public and private parks, will be arrested alongside the drivers," telling them to "please be warned."

The Commissioner  equally noted that, "in developed cities as we crave to have, such impunity as we see here does not obtain. Everybody conforms to the laid down rules. Therefore, we cannot allow the uncommon accomplishments of Governor Umahi to be dragged to the mud."

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