Intrigues on Chidimma's murder of Super TV CEO in Lagos State



About Chidimma's murder saga, I somehow differ from other peoples condemnation of the young lady.

People have heavily condemned a 21 year side chic 21, Chidinma Ojukwu, for killing the Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga in Lagos State.

I have few things to write about & for the discernment and conviction of men of goodwill. 

You see, everyone is blaming the young girl for the murder incident but I have a different perspective. I am not in anyway justifying the young girl's attitude. But there is a big question that every uncultured married person should answer. Judging from the incident, I want to ask, what was the man in question, who was married with beautiful wife and children, brighter future searching in another young lady's skirt? A lady that is young enough to be his daughter.

Our generation has degenerated to a very terrible level. 
Let me bring it from scriptural point of view. 

 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge.

I reject you from being a priest to me.
And since you have forgotten the law of your God.

I also will forget your children."
Hosea 4:6

The above scripture is exactly the reason why the man wasted his life for nothing.

 Christianity is a way of life, once you accepted Christ genuinely, He will reset automatically your mental & spiritual life. This not a joke, but a reality.

A man's life & growth can not be determined by the level of his wealth, the beauty of his wife, his political influence nor his societal status. The capacity of the word of God you were able to retain in your spirit determines how far you will go in life.

Today, there are high level quest for materialism, political influence, societal status, womanising  but those things will definitely destroy you if you do not allow Christ rule your life.

Come to think of it, I ask again, what is a 13 year old girl has that your wife at home doesn't have? What ? 
Sex? Beauty? What for God's sake?

I don't intend to bore my readers with long piece but it is high time Christ ruled in our lives and various families.

 I still maintain that one cannot be a Christian and as well a sinner . It is not possible !!! Genuine acceptance of Christ in someone's life will automatically reset your life to a spiritual default that will reshape your life positively forever. I am a living witness.

It is high time you built that your wife at home to your taste, yes, I repeat, build her to your taste. The moment you do that, you won't have side chick nor think of second wife.  She will be everything to you. You will detest a flash of another woman before you.   

Wives, what do you think makes some men to cheat? Is the fault from you? Do you deny him anything, do you play your role as a wife? Do you devote as family to pray for your home or you are just a lousy , money monger & greedy woman? Think about this.

To the parents, parental upbringing is so sacrosanct for children growth. Don't deny your children basic and fundamental spiritual & mental development. If you do, you are creating a potential nuisance that will engulf you if not now but in due course.

To all of you young ladies and guys who sleep with married men and women to make money or for fun,  karma is real. If you don't repent, it is either you are consumed midway or if you outlive to marry, someone must definitely be sleeping with your wife or husband when you marry. Don't cry when the time comes because you won't escape it. 

I end with this, too much money, too much political influence or societal status to a person who doesn't know Christ will definitely consume him or her. 

Think about that & live.

God bless.

Joel, is our Guest Writer.

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