Every Nigerian youth is Biafran - Charlyboy

Nigerian enigmatic artist and social engineer, Charlyboy, also known as the AreaFada has said that every youth in Nigeria is a Biafran, stating that Biafra agitators are fighting against the same injustices meted on the youths by the nation’s leadership, NATIONAL PANEL gathered.

In an exclusive chat with newsmen in Abuja, the ‘Our Mumu Don Do’ initiator said the agitation for Biafra is because of marginalisation and injustices, the same way the youths are maginalized and cry out daily over different forms of injustices.

“Let me tell you something, every young Nigerian is a Biafran, because for how many years have the youths be marginalized in this country?

“Meanwhile, our founding fathers were useful in their days. They were young people. They were not old people. So why for decades upon decades do we insist on having old people? What is happening to the young people?

“They are the most marginalized. Forget about Igbos. The Idgos, Hausa and Yorubas, they know the game they are playing.

“Unfortunately, the Igbos from that region of the country are not good politicians. They may be good business people, but they are not politicians, and that is the reality on ground." - Daily Post.

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