Ebonyi Crises: Ikwo Noyo Clan restates commitment to peace


The people of Ikwo Noyo have restated their resolve to follow peace by doing everything within their powers to ensure peaceful coexistence in all their domains and with their neighbours. 

These were part of decisions reached at today's extraordinary security meeting. 

NATIONAL PANEL reports the Ikwo maintained their ground of never at s time declared war on either Izzi or anyone else for that matter.

We learrnt that the people of Ikwo Noyo regretted bitterly the ungodly acts of miscreants who took advantage of a crisis that was already being settled amicably to perpetrate the most heinous of atrocities. 

Making clear that their commitment to peace had seen to them arresting the kingpins of the abduction that was the last straw that broke the camel's back, Ikwo lamented that a crisis in the hinterland has today led to the murder and kidnap of Ikwo people, and burning and brazen destruction of their properties in Abakaliki, the capital City of Ebonyi State. 

The sad faces of thousands attending the security meeting exposed the precarious situation Ikwo has been thrown into. Several of those attending were doing well sons of Ikwo Noyo who peacefully carried out their legal activities in Abakaliki city, but have now become refugees, chased out of their houses in the city by murderous mobs let loose in the most unwholesome attack on fellow citizens since the dreadful days of Holocaust. 

Losses incurred by Ikwo people as a result of the ongoing xenophobic attacks on Ikwo people in Abakaliki and elsewhere in Izzi land have forced Ikwo Noyo to seriously think home.

 It's on that note, therefore, that Ikwo Noyo have decided to establish a satellite town within the Ikwo local council. Such town will contain an international market, residential area, industrial park, etc. The land for that purpose will be set aside by the council. This is to ensure our sons diversify out of Abakaliki and that we build a city of our own.

To further give Ikwo Noyo a single voice, the executive chairman of Ikwo LGA, Elder Hon. Stephen Orogwu, whose efforts to reposition Ikwo despite all odds are audible to the deaf and visible to the blind, revealed that permission has been obtained from the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, His Excellency Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi, to reconstitute the now moribund Ikwo Development Union.

The security meeting which held at the council headquarters at Onuebonyi Echara was in response to His Excellency's mandate that all council in the state hold security meetings. Present at the meeting where state representatives of CAN; Chief Okeagu Ogada; Chief Hon. Francis Igwe; Member representing Ikwo South at the House of Assembly Hon. Moses Ije Odunwa; CEO C-Sagas Projects Nigeria LTD Arc. Christian Asaga Nwali; HRH Eze Dominic I. Aloh; former SSA to the Governor of Ebonyi State on Legal Services Barr. Emeka Nwode; Chief Oliver Oliver Eze; Dr. Basil Onwe  and so many others.

Ugonna Utulor, the SSA to the Executive Chairman of Ikwo LGA on Media, Documentation and ICT wrote  from Ebonyi State.

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