Fr Agbo speaks tough on Mbaka's suspension, declares 7days fasting and prayer


The Catholic Priest of Abakaliki Diocese, Rev. Fr. Benjamin Chukwuma Agbo on Sunday condemned the suspension of Rev. Fr Camilus Ejike Mbaka from church activities by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese for asking President Muhammad Buhari to resign while passing a sermon on the state of the nation.

Fr Agbo made the condemnation during his rural evangelization at Ochakwu Ishieke in Ebonyi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State - the Zone 3 of Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki, HAMA.

He said that suspending Fr Mbaka from discharging his church activities for 30 days should not be considered as the best option by the leaders of the Catholic Church.

Fr Agbo, the founder of the Holy Spirit in Action Ministry Abakaliki, HAMA, called Christians all over the world to rise in prayers to defend the flocks of God and their true shepherds.

He expressed worry over Mbaka's suspension, stressing that the Catholic Church may not understand the negative implications to the society.

According to Agbo, "if the Catholic Church of Enugu Diocese succeeded suspending Fr Mbaka for a whole 30 days, have they considered the situation of his flocks?

"The masses under Mbaka's care, especially the indigent persons, the less privileged ones - the orphans, widows, the sick and many people seeking assistance from him, both spiritually and otherwise, who will be taking care of them now?

"Catholic Church shouldn't consider the suspension of Father Mbaka as the best way to go in punishing him, for whatever may be the case. 

"What is the sin of Father Mbaka to attract a whole month suspension from being active in Church services?

"The man of God who speaks up on the critical state of the nation and listening to his speech, it is certain that Mbaka has said the truth. This is quite unfortunate, and it is very important that Christians rise in prayers to defend this man of God.

"Let the church rethink and adopt diplomacy to address issues connected with priests and other shepherds of God."

Fr Agbo urged Enugu Diocese to be jealous of having a charismatic priest like Mbaka, adding that, if the state is no longer comfortable with him, let him be sent to Ebonyi State.

He however, declared a 7-day fasting and prayer, asking God's protection, strength and wisdom upon him to win the tempting period.

He charged Christians to pray against forces of darkness plugging crisis in the church and expressed optimism that Mbaka would not compromise on spreading gospels charismatically after his present ordeals doused off.

He noted that a collective prayer of the church for the man of God, would go a long way to fast track his freedom to discharge his duties as a Minister of God.

"This is a time to pray for Fr Mbaka, we shouldn't fold our hands, watching forces of darkness to take over the temple of God.  If you read Acts of Apostle 12 verse  1 to 6, you will understand that Peter was arrested and put into prison by Herod just because he was preaching the Truth, but the Christians didn't compromise. They rose in their prayers and without delay, God answered them by sending his Angel who untired Peter and sent him out of the prison freely.

"We must pray for Fr Mbaka, the same way he will be sent free. Mbaka's verbal utterances are not the problems of Nigeria, nor the church.

"Psalms 105 verse 15, says 'touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.' How can a carnal man understands what a great prophet like Mbaka who is mediator between the God and human, thou touch the anointed man of God," he warned.

He added, "Mbaka is obviously known to have become the strength and an instrument to all other ordained Ministers of Christendom not only in Catholic Church but all Pentecostal, orthodox homes of God (Church).

"Why must the church sees negative side of Mbaka only, and forgets his positive contributions to humanity?"



  1. This is an important and interesting message that must be put to work to ensure our dear rev regains his freedom


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