Again, Ebubeagu arrests 7 robbery suspects in Ebonyi


By Victor Nwegede

Ebubeagu South East Security of Ebonyi State Chapter has arrested not less than 7-robbery suspects in the state again.

NATIONAL PANEL recalls that Ebubeagu security recently arrested over 8 armed robbery suspects and handed over to Police few days ago.

The security outfit has today nabbed another robbery suspects with the stolen five tricycles and a vehicle engine recoverd from them.

Briefing newsmen in Abakalki, the State Commissioner for Internal Security, Border Peace and Conflict Resolution, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha said the breakthrough in security of the state was as a result of the intelligent gathering by Ebubeagu.

Emegha said that security work is a technical thing, which must be designed and actively keep operating with it. 

He expressed his office's readiness to implement all the tactical measures to rid off criminal elements from the state with the men of Ebubeagu security.

"If I allow the criminals to continue to behave the way they have been behaving including the forest, it is my trouble that they are threatening.

"Police, army can no longer act as usual, they've been touched, some of them don't want to act the way they use to act, but if anybody is killed they will be held responsible. 

"The greatest problem we have now is the human rights activists, if you do anything, they will start writing and that is the one the world will hear fast.

"But when the hoodlums are doing what they are doing, nobody reacts by warning them to stop.  Nobody talks to their parents, or tell them to stop. 

"When the issue of ENDSARS was going on, it doesn't mean no body like it but we said, if you want to ENDSARS, end crimes and criminalities. That was my opinion - end crimes and criminalities first before you endSARS.

"Now because, they didn't end crimes and criminalities first before ending SARS, these are the results - Nigeria is at the negative side now, as far as security is concerned in this country."

Security Commissioner said the fight against insecurity should not be seen as one man's affair and urged general public to intensify effort by giving intelligent information on any suspected movement in the state.

"I told you that it was Police that give us the information where we made the arrest. They called the place Isu Forest in Ishielu Local Government Area. The forest links to Enugu State - it is where if they rob in the town here, they will take whatever thing they have snatched from the public and moved to that Isu Forest. 

"There's no kind of things you won't see there. When Police tried to invade there, they attacked police and police have to run back. 

"When the information came to me, I say, let me get Ebubeagu involved. I designed the men of Ebubeagu security, and you can see the breakthrough now.

"We recovered up to five kekes (tricycles) from the criminals in Isu Forest there and they said that they have sold more than 150 kekes (tricycles) stolen from different towns, from Enugu, Abakalki here, and other parts of Ebonyi State and sold to Port Harcourt. 

"And the ones they stole in Enugu, they will come here and sold it in Abakalki or Port Harcourt, sometimes, they call the dealers from Isu Forest to come and buy it after robbering off the owners their hard earned valuables in Abakalki or Onitsha," he stated.

He vowed that his office would never relent to end operation of criminal elements in the state. 

He also noted that there is no single day his office is not arresting up to five armed robbers and handed over to Police since Ebubeagu was unveiled in the state. 

He equally disclosed that some criminal elements in the state had come to his office and submitted their guns, which in his words, were already handed over to the Police. 

Emegha said that once the robbers were handed over to the Police, the original owners would be allowed to take their property, to avoid allowing them suffering beyond when they struggled to source out money for their recovered belongings.

"I profiled those I can profile, and handed over to police. You can see the one who is a dealer of India helms, we are going to call and hand over them to NDLEA (Nigeria Drugs Law Enforcement Agency) and follow it up. It's no longer handing it over to the security agencies but we must follow it up to ensure that, they send the criminals to prison. That's the right home they belong to, and another one stole a vehicle engine which somebody purchased to put in his vehicle but he went and stole it. 

"We are going tough on those car snatchers, who vowed that we can't sleep, the same way, we've vowed that they can't sleep," he added.

Meanwhile, some of the arrested suspects confessed to their crimes whereas few among them claimed that the tricycles allegedly stolen were given to them under hire purchase but no witness had affirmed their claims as at when this report was filled.
Some of the recovered tricycles from the robbery suspects by Ebubeagu South East Security of Ebonyi State Chapter today.

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