2023: Ebonyi waits for Sam Egwu - Okoro Emegha



Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha.

The Ebonyi State Caretaker Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha has expressed worry over what he described as a filthy utterance coming from the member representing Ebonyi North Senatorial District, Senator Sam Egwu against the activities of Governor David Umahi's led administration these days.

Okoro Emegha who is also the State Commissioner for Internal Security, Border Peace and Conflict Resolution, Thursday, in a chat with the Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigerian, OMPAN, Ebonyi State Chapter, condemned in a strong term Senator Sam Egwu's call for federal government intervention over his  allegation that the state government procured AK47 rifles for Ebubeagu South East Security of Ebonyi State Chapter.

He apologized those persuaded by the state governor to step down for Senator Sam Egwu during the 2019 General Elections in considering him as an Elder Statesman and expressed optimism that such mistake would not repeat self following his responses towards the politics of the state.

"I want to use this your visit to apologize people like Enslem Enigwe, the man that wanted to contest for Senate, that lost his appointive position to contest and said that an ordinary goat can defeat Sam Egwu at the poll. That if you give a ticket to any goat, the goat will defeat Sam Egwu in any election. But the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr David Umahi, was begging everybody to allow him, thinking that Sam Egwu is an Elder Statesman that can go and represent the state well. I make bold to say we are sorry, because we stopped those who would have better represented us at the National Assembly, by supporting people like Sam Egwu, we are waiting for him to come and go again. In 2023, Ebonyi waits for him, I know his people will say no and they will stand by that, and he has the got even when alot of things are happening in his Local Government Area, and he refused coming home to liaise with the governor who has built the IDP camps. He should have come and supported, because these are the people that voted for him, let him come down here and assist, but he stays at Abuja sleeping like a foolish man, thinking he can go to street talking rashes, after the government and they will come on individuals just to end Nigeria," he said. 

Emegha challenged the media men to stand bold in discharging their duties with utmost honesty and consciousness for peace, unity and development of the society.

"You people are doing a great job, if I must say it, we've left #endSARs, and I was among the people who were shouting to end crimes and criminalities before ending SARS. We didn't listen because we didn't understand it, but now we've finished #endSARS, and started #endNigeria. If we must catch it very well, what we are now into, is to end Nigeria, of which, the government and the people whose responsibility is to protect lives and properties of the citizenry are just battling to make #endNigeria doesn't happen.

"I accused the media because the propaganda, unverifiable stories circulated through media are too high. You people should see somebody who supposed to be responsible, chose to be irresponsible - somebody like Sam Egwu. A man that should have been Honourable, chose to be Dishonourable person. He came out to say boldly that we procure AK47 for Ebubeagu, a practical thing all of you can see here. 

"And nobody can write to counter it to say no, to stop this nonsense. That's the one the media will quickly carry. He is calling on the Federal government to come because Ebubeagu is procured AK47, a man of his statue telling lies, the obvious reason, is that he has taken his time, he has also taken our own time and he wants to take our children's time."

He noted: "Somebody who has been in power getting over 21 years, what are you still looking for? You were Commissioner for over 3 years, governor for 8 years, this should be 11 years, you served as a minister for 2 years, making it 13 years, and now to serve as a Senator for 8 years, then, 13 plus 8 is 21 years and he still wants to go back."

Speaking on the legacy of Egwu, the Ebonyi State APC Boss hinted:  "The only legacy Sam Egwu can boast after his 8 years as the governor of Ebonyi State is Grace Court Hotel, where he is using now as a packing store for his illicit businesses. That's the legacy he boasts of now, saying yes, he did well after 8 years in office. He served as a governor during the time of Tinubu, look at Tinubu, Aswaji Tinubu when he comes out, the Yoruba people will bow down and say yes a man is out. The same time, he was a colleague governor to Tinubu, but look at our own Tinubu, the achievement we can clap hand and say, he built Grace Court Hotel - where he is using now as a packing store for drugs."

He further appealed to pressmen to always send verifiable information, by standing on the side of the truth, not minding who is involved. 

He equally extolled the leadership style of Governor David Umahi, saying if other governors who had ruled the state performed like Umahi, Ebonyi would have been a reference point in terms of evident development.

"You also see the governor has done well. If Sam Egwu could do half of what our governor, Engr Chief David Umahi has done now, and Elechi tried half by now no state will compete Ebonyi in terms of development.

"Even during Sam Egwu, the money was there, there was excess crude oil coming, alot of things were coming, by now and after Dave Umahi, I believe that anybody taking over as our governor in 2023 would have run maintenance culture. We will be seen as the best state, but see somebody who wants to continue - go and trace the genesis of Sam Egwu, he doesn't has any other business, except the creation of Ebonyi State, this state is his business, after this one, he will go another one."

He however, warned Ebonyians to be wary of the people who have nothing upstairs to offer for the development of the young state.

"These people are no longer creative, the innovation is no longer there, they are no longer with any brain, they will be sleeping on duty; you can't call somebody like Sam Egwu to come out by 10pm and he will come out, except in Abuja where he is going from one hotel to another, to go do champagne and then the young youth will be suffering, he has taken his time, our own time and he wants to take our children's time. All we are battling now is not only for ourselves but to protect tomorrow of our children, but such people will be openly telling lies, the man that supposed to be instructing others to avoid telling lies," Emegha added. 

Earlier, Ebonyi OMPAN Chairman, Comrade Celestine Okeh, explained that the Association came to identify with his office, for him to know it is existing in the state, expressed readiness to synergize in projecting the ministry's programmes to the limelight.

The Chairman informed Emegha of the upcoming Media Summit by the Association, saying his presence would be of great valued for the members and the society at large.

On his part, OMPAN member, Dr Tiben Benz, the managing Editor of Leaders Prime Newspaper stated that association deemed it fit to organize a world class media summit which will be focused on security issues, saying that Ebonyi people will be needed to attend the event to see the reasons of shunning any act that is capable of flaming insecurity.
Senator Sam Egwu.

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