When broom and umbrella clash in Ebonyi - Asaa


I watch with keen interest how young minds are being destroyed on the altar of political dichotomy.Unnecessary tension pervades our dear state with its attendant nocturnal alliance,re-alignment,oath taking and other off-camera deals.Character assassination is the tool in the hands of the MURDERERS who are yet to know that they are BROTHERS. 

Ironically, the youths who are the SS of the power tussle,are also the AS of the same imbroglio...media warlords without a stake.The ELEPHANTS are fighting,but the suffering of the unfortunate grass appears to be a melodrama.

My fellow Ebonyi youths, why are we destroying ourselves on behalf of those who hold us hostage? Many lives have been frustrated by those over-fed YAM BEETLES.Have a sober reflection to save your future.The brother you are destroying today can help you tomorrow more than the CHIEF who calls you only when your murderous service is needed.
You no longer have peace in your life because of the roles you have played in destroying people's chances to rise. Perhaps,you are yet to receive the PROMISED REWARD from CHIEF.Is it not telling on your health already?Please,help yourself.

Lack of truth has made peace a scarce commodity,breeding unhealthy relationship among brothers. Media neophytes are unnecessarily and unknowingly creating a society of mistrust and apprehension.An untrained mind is more dangerous than the venom of a cobra;what comes out of it kills faster than Covid-19.

Those who are hell-bent in distracting the state government, are not doing so because of their love for Ebonyians.They are consciously fighting for a niche  in the political landscape.The soul of Ebonyi is in the hands of God.His Excellency,Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi may not be the Saint you expected, he is neither the devil you alleged.Every man has his own unique abilities.

Whether APC or PDP, we are all Ebonyians.Let us be true and selfless in our quest for the change we desire. After all, the change we desire is in us.I love you all!

This was written by Hon. Chika Nwangele( ASAA ), the Special Assistant to the Ebonyi State Governor on Internal Security  in the South / Airport and Infrastructure Development.

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