Reaction trails Ebonyi PDP's threat to Commissioner Emegha over stolen car


Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha.

The Ebonyi PDP youths' threat to the state Commissioner for Internal Security, Border and Conflict Resolution, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha to recover a stolen car within 24 hours has been described as the highest degree of hollowness and senselessness. Polycarp Obinna Alegu writes:

I have read on different social media platforms a publication credited to the youth wing of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Ebonyi state, whereof they threatened the Commissioner for Internal Security, Border Peace and Conflict Resolution in the state, Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha to recover a stolen car. In the gibberish, they claimed that a Toyota Camry car belonging to one Mr Ezekiel Oji who is a member of the PDP was snatched yesterday in Abakaliki by unknown snatchers. And they now issued a press statement threatening Chief Emegha and gave him 24 hours ultimatum to recover the purported lost car or face the other side of them.

When in the beginning of this year I told the world through my pen that opposition politics died in PDP, using Ebonyi PDP as a case study, people perhaps thought I was driven or pushed by the spirit of garrulity or loquacity to make such averment. May I reiterate that, with PDP, opposition is dead. Suffice it to say that the activities, programmes, actions and inactions of the PDP have made it a social club rather than a political party. A purported opposition party that doesn't engage the ruling party with constructive criticisms and publications to the public on their manifestoes or agenda so as to win the hearts and mandates of the masses to control the government, is nothing but a villainous social club.

When shall Ebonyi PDP start engaging the public with their manifestoes, constructively criticizing the government and stop irrationally accusing the APC leaders? Of a truth, PDP doesn't know how to play opposition role(s). Mr Ali Odefa was sworn in as the Vice Chairman of the PDP, southeast zone, and his first assignment in office was to accuse Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state of planting weapons around him for indictment. A false alarm which living and nonliving things were aware of. Since Apostle David Umahi left the gangrenous PDP for the APC, the PDP leaders or chieftains in the state have been vilifying the governor on different media outfits, rather than telling the people what they would offer if voted into power come 2023. The false alarms and/or accusations by Ebonyi PDP is not unusual, hence it's part and parcel of them, knowing too well that they don't have any other thing to offer.

With this publication by the youth wing of the Ebonyi PDP, it could be stated without any fear of equivocation that both the elders and the youths of the party are the same. None is rational and are all bereaved of the requisite ideas in opposition politics, political propaganda and governance. How could a Commissioner who is also the chairman of the ruling party, APC in the state be blamed and accused of a car snatched by unknown person(s)? If at all there was a case of such, because raising false alarm or accusation is an ugly hobby of Ebonyi PDP. If they could not impregnate their wives, next is to accuse APC leaders of being the cause. 

Assuming a car belonging to the PDP member was snatched or that any sort of robbery was made, were the gullible Ebonyi PDP youths, if at all they had concern, not supposed to notify the police who would make investigations on the matter for possible recovery? Is Chief Stanley Okoro Emegha a policeman? No. Is he a member of any force; be it army, police, DSS and others? No. And if they so wished to notify Chief Emegha (as a security Commissioner) of the acclaimed robbery case in order to beef up the security in the state, were they not supposed to be civil rather than threatening and giving an innocent man an ultimatum?

The opprobrium-ridden publication of the Ebonyi PDP youths is condemnable. Though a planned invective to distracting the peace-loving Commissioner cum untirng Chairman from discharging his functions, such senseless write-up is capable of breaching the peace in the land. And the security agencies/agents should call this group to order. The group (Ebonyi PDP youths) should also tender a public apology for issuing such concorted mendacity against an innocent man who has been doing wonders in ensuring Ebonyians sleep with their two eyes closed.

Security is everybody's business. It's a duty of everyone to secure one's surroundings and alert the security agents whenever anything that would breed insecurity is identified. Politicizing everything won't help matters. False accusation is different from opposition politics!

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