"In PDP, opposition died in Salt of the Nation"


By Ogbuatu Simbad

Opposition party serves as a watchdog to the ruling party/government. In other words, opposition party plays the major role(s) of constructively criticizing the bad policies and programmes of any government or checkmating the excesses of the government/ruling party in order to achieve good governance in the interest of all and sundry.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) played its roles then as an opposition party in Nigeria and its ideal activities pressurized and dislodged the People's Democratic Party (PDP), the erstwhile ruling party. And immediately the APC clinched power in 2015 which turned the then ruling party, PDP to an opposition party, opposition politics died at the centre.

In Ebonyi, APC was a strong opposition when the PDP was the ruling party. But immediately the indefatigable governor of Ebonyi state, Engr Chief Apostle David Nweze Umahi left the party (PDP) for APC few months ago, the former died. Opposition died. Constructive criticisms died. Of a truth, Apostle Umahi was the pillar of the PDP in Ebonyi State, and he has made the APC the ruling party in the state with strong party men and supporters in all the nooks and crannies of the state.

No doubt, the defection of Apostle Umahi from the dead PDP to the living APC is the best decision ever taken by any politician in the history of Ebonyi politics. Umahi is a God's sent Ndi Ebonyi, he's wise and knows when to act. His defection was timing. As a selfless leader, he left PDP because of the ill treatments the party had over the years meted on Ndi Igbo. Umahi has the interest of Ndi Igbo at heart, hence he left PDP for the inability and unwillingness of the party to give presidential ticket to the southeast which is a clear indication that the interest of Ndi Igbo (southern) is not in PDP. And to achieve Igbo presidency, aligning with the centre is the best which Umahi has done. We can't remain in opposition to the centre and expect manna to fall from heaven.

After the triumphant entry of our wonder working governor into the almighty APC, the weak politicians and national assembly members in the so called PDP in Ebonyi have been gathering in Abuja and Enugu issuing press release full of slander and attacking him on different media platforms.  As if they are representing Enugu and Abuja. As if the people of Enugu and Abuja will come to Ebonyi and vote during elections. They are running away from home because Ebonyians hate them due to their poor representation and zero achievement. Let them come home and organize a rally and test their popularity. Of course, nobody is ready to follow darkness against the light.

It is appalling that these detractors rather than engaging the government in constructive criticisms or even at best thank Umahi for fighting for Ndi Igbo, went on and started throwing tantrums on our God given governor and professor of infrastructure. Casting aspersions on a man who made them politically is the highest height of ungratefulness, betrayal and indolence. 

When did defecting to another party become a crime in our political setting? Umahi has right to belong to any political party of choice, of which he has chosen the best, APC. Those attacking him for choosing the light are swimming in the ocean of ignorance as well as pursuing shadow..

And with the above said, it could be said without mincing words that opposition has died in PDP.

Ebonyi is APC and APC is Ebonyi.

Ogbuatu Simbad is the APC Publicity Secretary, Ebonyi State.

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