Ebonyi traditional rulership: Amudo people tip Ezeabata as their next monarch

Chief Dr Chukwuemeka Nwafor (aka Ezeabata)


The natives of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community in Ezza South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State have thrown weights around their illustrious son, Chief Dr Chukwuemeka Nwafor who is popularly known by his Chieftaincy title, Ezeabata to be their traditional ruler.

The people took the decision following the death of  Igwe Benedict Nweke - Ezeudo 1 of Amudo-Okofia who ruled the community for over 40 years and in the spirit of the agreement by the two brotherly communities, Amudo and Okofia to be rotating the traditional ruler stool.

Speaking on behalf of elders of Amudo,  Chief Fredrick Aduku thanked the government of Governor David Nweze Umahi, commending his appointment of the illustrious sons of Amudo-Okofia  Autonomous Community into different positions of trust.

He also eulogized the personalities of the Secretary to Ebonyi State Government, Dr Kenneth Igwe Ugbala, the State Commissioner for Infrastructural Conception and Development, Engr. Fidelis Nweze, and other numerous indigenes of the community especially Ezeabata whom he described as the pillar of light, peace, unity and progress in the area.

The 83 years old father explained that the people of Amudo has endorsed Chief Chukwuemeka Nwafor to be the traditional ruler of Amudo-Okofia Community for having displayed a true stewardship services while serving as the Chief Security of Amudo Community for over nine years now.

He further described Ezeabata as a man of the people that stands tall for equity, fairness, justice with poised philanthropic spirit and humane qualities.

Aduku said: "For nine years, since Ezeabata was appointed the leader of vigilante group in Amudo, all the ugly incidences of stealing, thefts, robbery and burglary stopped.

"Ezeabata led the vigilante group who arrested all the notorious gangs who were terrorizing the community and handed them over to police. 

"Today, we can sleep and relax in our homes without nursing fears of any threat, because of the contributions of Ezeabata in fighting insecurity in our community.

"Also, in observing our traditions and customs, such as Nnefioha, new yam festival and Aji ceremonies, Ezeabata is always the man championing the courses to ensure success records in the festivities. This is because Church nowadays has posed a great threat to our traditions, contributing to the rising rate of crimes all parts the country, but in our place, Ezeabata ensures everything is done as it used to be.

"Ezeabata has built several social amenities. He built covets, gave electricity to different villages in this community. He bought buses and motorcycles for vigilantes to use and secure the community. 

"We cannot just start calling him Ezeabata, Ezeabata only and that is why we collectively  endorsed him for the position of our traditional ruler so that he will continue to give our community the best. We the elders have spoken when gathered at our Community Assembly quarters, raised his hand up as a sign of our unanimous agreement that we have chosen him to be our King, the traditional ruler of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community.

"Even till tomorrow, if any other person shows interest to contest the traditional ruler stool against our agreement, we will still maintain our stand that Ezeabata is chosen. We will move to the state governor to make our intention known to him, that Ezeabata is the best fit for the traditional ruler stool of Amudo-Okofia, because he has been making us proud as the son of soil, he is educated young man, who carrys the affairs of our community at heart. It is only if we the elders are all dead, we will not back him to take over the royal throne." 

Another elder, Chief Someon Onwe stated that Amudo people have no other person to succeed their late Monarch, Igwe Benedict Nweke except Chief Chukwuemeka Nwafor (aka Ezeabata) because of his dedication and commitment to duty since appointed the Security Chief and his kind gestures to the community.

He noted: "Our late traditional ruler who served for 41 years before his death is an Okofia native. His death means the termination of his tenure, and that was the turn of Okofia natives. It is now our own turn to produce the next traditional ruler of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community. I'm fully aware that Amudo and Okofia natives are not arguing over the zone to produce our next traditional ruler. 

"However, we elders of Amudo have said, the traditional ruler stool fits Ezeabata, because he has done much for the development of this community. Our people say, a reward for good work is more work. 

"Before we were in darkness, but today, Ezeabata brought electricity to this community with his personal resources. Ezeabata has championed the course to ensure there's peaceful co-existence between Amudo and the neighborhoods. We used to have misunderstanding with our neighbouring communities but he has made this stopped and we are living in peace."

Other elders including Raymond Ogbeji, Nwogiji Akwara, Nworie Nweke Amaga etc were reportedly around during the endorsement of Ezeabata to take over the royal throne in accordance with the traditions and customs of the community. 

Onwe also disclosed that the elders of Amudo and Okofia natives have met, where Amudo delegate made it known that their son would be the one to take over the traditional ruler stool. 

"For Okofia natives, we have no problem, because they are  aware it is our own turn to produce the traditional ruler of our community unless we are separated into different autonomous communities.

"The position of Onowu - the Deputy to the traditional ruler will be the slot of Okofia people for this time," he added.

Further, Amudo Youth President, Nwbueze Akpu said that the good works of Ezeabata can never be overemphasized. 

He said Ezeabata means lots to his community people, describing him as the good Ambassador of Amudo Kingdom. 

Akpu stated that his people have stood strongly behind him to be crowned as the traditional ruler of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community because of his humanitarian services.

"Both men and women of this community are solidly behind Ezeabata to become our king, because of his kind gestures to our people. 

"Enthroning Ezeabata as our traditional ruler will bring more development to our community, our people are rejoicing over the decision of the elders. 

"I, the youth President of this community, and it is the collective voice of Amudo youths, that Ezeabata is the best choice to succeed our late traditional ruler, because he has been assisting us, and will work for the progress of this community with all his strength in promoting peace and unity among our people. 

"For instance, Ezeabata has built many bridges and covets in our community. He gave us electricity, many people are enjoying light in Izenyi I,  Izenyi II, Eguinyima, Okpaga, other different villages now. 

"Okofia has taken their own slot, and for our own turn, the elders of Amudo natives have chosen Chief Chukwuemeka Nwafor to be the traditional ruler of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community because he is only person who can do the work perfectly well and we youths are strongly behind him. 

"It is clear today, that this decision is not taken by one person but the entire Amudo people, that we have endorsed Ezeabata to be our traditional ruler - reason being that, we can't support somebody who doesn't live in this community, somebody living in abroad, a person who has no knowledge of our traditions and customs to clinch our traditional ruler stool in the name of being our king, that cannot happen and any attempt will be resisted by our people.

"The Kingship of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community is not for sale.  This is not a position one can buy with money, we will only choose someone who is competent - an indigene who has been tested and trusted for the past nine years appointed as the Security Chief of this community, and up till today, our people are smiling because of the measures adopted to make all the negativities threatening the security of this place a thing of the past. His generosity is equal to none. His humanitarian services can't be overemphasized, and that is why all Amudo natives including Okofia people are clamouring for his enthronement as our next traditional ruler," the youth leader said.

NATIONAL PANEL gathered that  Okofia and Amudo are the two brothers sharing one autonomous community in the state, pointing that their relationship was traced to the time of "Owerike Chima and Ugbala Chima who were brothers, living in Okofia till when the younger brother, Ugbala got married, and he descended to Amudo which was facilitated by his elder brother, Owerike. 

According to the community elders, Amudo and Okofia have no boundary, even till date, their ward is named - 'Amudo-Okofia ward,' saying Amudo natives are being traced to Ugbala, the younger brother of Owerike, who gave birth to Okofia natives.

 "Amudo-Okofia belongs to one political ward. When we were about to choose our traditional ruler as we belong to one autonomous community, Tobias Okwuru was alive that time, we agreed to choose our traditional ruler from Okofia, since he is the elder brother of Amudo. 

"We chose Igwe Benedict Nweke,  Ezeudo 1 of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community, who served for over 40 years as our traditional ruler. 

"Igwe Benedict Nweke's rulership was agreed that after his tenureship which was the turn of Okofia natives, our people from Amudo axis, will produce his successor.

"After his rulership, the Elders (Ichie) summoned us, Tobias Okwuru, other stakeholders of the community were around that day, but to allow Amudo natives to produce the next traditional ruler seems to be lingering."

They expressed optimism that with the personalities of the Secretary to the State Government, Chief Kenneth Igwe Ugbala, the Commissioner for Infrastructural Conception and Development, Engr Fidelis Nweze, and other well meaning stakeholders of the community, the agreement of the two brothers would not suffer setback by allowing Amudo natives to produce the next Royal Father of Amudo-Okofia Autonomous Community.

They restated that the community endorsed Ezeabata to take be the traditional ruler in considering his contributions for the community development.

"We know Ezeabata believes that a king is born and not meant to be contested. But his contributions in promoting our traditions and customs, which boost the peaceful co-existence of our people, we are solidly behind him to be our King.

"This is a man who has helped some youths from this community to get enrolled into DSS, SSS, Police and Army. 

"He built houses for our people especially the less privileged. He
 bought two Hummer buses, with other vehicles for security purposes. He bought thirty seven motorcycles for our youths and for over fourteen years, he has been sponsoring the culture of this community. 

"If for instance, when the time of wrestling festival reaches, we know how much he will spend for it. 

"Circumcision feast of men according to Ezza tradition, was taken for granted and this resulted into pre-mature death, but through his  intervention, some elders, normalcy returns to the community. 

"He has completely met up with all the traditions and customs observed in Ezza land, and there's nothing to fear for him to stand on the part of truth to serve us as our traditional ruler," he added.

While commending the leadership of Governor David Nweze Umahi by the elders, they said Umahi's developmental strides in his present office are equal to none since the creation of the state, and also pledged support to the government policy directives for the interest of peace and progress.
It could be recalled that Chief Dr Chukwuemeka Nwafor - Ezeabata, has received many chieftaincy titles from different communities, groups in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries.


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