Ifeanyi Ubah: The Bridge Between The Rich And The Poor in Anambra

By Tony Ezeimo

One outstanding advantage, Anambra State has is our resounding human capital resources. Anambra has the best of the best in all fields of life, that explains why no single individual can get hold of the State can and subjugate it as a godfather.

    Senator Ifeanyi Uba.

In Anambra Political space, we have seen many Political gladiators  who have tried their best to become the permanent landlord of the State to no avail. This explains why we continue to progress overwhelmingly to the admiration of other States in Igbo Land and beyond on individual fronts. 

Prior to the coming of *Willie Obiano (Akpokuedike Aguleri), the jolly good fellow from Omambala axis of Anambra, the State was both the light and pride of the Nation. Unfortunately, Akpokue drastically reduced the brightness of our light, brought darkness upon us and our pride evaporated into the tin air.

Due to the turn of events in the last seven years , Ndi Anambra like never before are presently yearning for a man who can bring back the lost glory of the Light of the Nation. Our people are looking for a leader who can lighten up our light again, raise our shoulders high and  restore our rightful place as a frontline state not just in the south east but also  in Nigeria

Permit me to excuse Akpokue from the unpreparedness that enveloped his administration this seven years. For in reality it takes a man with a deliberately mapped out developmental plan to take hold of a state and deliver 

Indeed, Chief Sir Dr. Wilberforce  Obiano* can be pardoned because he was never interested in Anambra political leadership having  previously retired from the  banking sector with blemish  when the call to come and become Governor came .

Today, Ndi Anambra are seriously searching for a full time ezigbo onye Anambra who understands  the basic needs of the masses.

Ndi Anambra are in search of  a leader who lives and has been living in this State; a  leader who understands the peculiarities and particularities of Anambra State.

Anambra State is in dire need of a leader who understands the dynamics of Anambra politics not another imported jolly retiree with  little or no knowledge of issues on ground.

The situation on ground today requires a leader with multiple capacity and  energy that  has what it takes to build bridges between the old and young, the rich and poor, the elites and common man.

After a thorough analysis of Anambra Guber Aspirants come 2021, one can easily conclude that Distinguished Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah is a perfect description of what Ndi Anambra needs in order to trigger a holistic development of the entire state. 

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah no doubt was the only Nigerian Politician who came out and joined Nigerian Youths during the 2020 Endsars protest.

Ifeanyi Ubah is completely connected with the common man on the streets and his major source of strength comes from the masses.

Ifeanyi Ubah is a grassroot General and a known builder of the next generation of leaders. 

If only our Youths will see beyond their nose and understand that the future belongs to them, they will massively move in support of a young man who believes in investing heavily on the youths as opposed to some now known grammer speaking  elites who only gets heard during elections and only  trust our Youths with social media thuggery and banditry.

Nov 6th, 2021 is a date Ndi Anambra have with destiny. It will end in praise.

Anambra will rise again!
Anambra will smile again!

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